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Download ´ Windows of the Mind Level 5 Cambridge English Readers 102 Cambridge English Readers Level 5Five stories about the senses Arlo hates noise and has a plan to bring the world silence Gopal uses smell t. Hey I just read Windows of the Mind and I liked the book and all of the stories in it One of my favorite stories was A Fine Wine this story is about a man called Daniel Appleby an expert supermarket wine taste and Monsieur Colbert a Bordeaux family vineyard owner Appleby captivated with the uality of Colbert s wine offers him a pathetic deal involving the supermarket control of production Colbert worried about the money agrees On the way home Appleby has an accident a blow to the head robs him of this sense of smell restricting his sense of taste the basic flavors Hi didn t tell his boss Justin about his handicap and arranges to postpone a televised wine tasting so Colbert can attend Appleby tells Colbert about his disability and enlist his help Fist Colbert taste his wine then Appleby will taste and pronounce on the wine at a signal from Colbert The wine is offered to the guests who spit it out in disgust it is red wine vinegar Colbert has taken revenge by exposing Appleby and ruining his reputationI liked about the story how Colbert waited so long for his vineyard and how he take care about something that was really important for him and to his family I like also Colberts character he wanted the opinion of Daniel so his dream come true I think the moral lesson f this story is to persuade your dreams no matter how long does it takes because one day you will realize that everything you been through was worth it and always believe in yourself like Monsieur Colbert

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Download ´ Windows of the Mind Level 5 Cambridge English Readers 102 Arns him a living but could also be his downfall And Jamie learns to balance the benefits of t'ai chi in his search for health and happiness. The story that I most liked was Arlo s War On this story Arlo is a person that doesn t enjoy noise He admire snakes because of their patterned skins and also their abilities for getting food even thought they were deaf Arlo had one snake Susie in a glass box When Arlo was younger the went to the war but he didn t like remembering it the only good thing he was happy for was meeting his wife Maria When his wife died he became obsess with silence Now he worked as a designer of new toys for kids at Teckno Toys He was a good worker One day the company needs to sell the place where Arlo worked but Arlo doesn t like the idea of working in a place full of noise He decided to act He uses his small models of toys and attacked the sources of all the noises he heard In one of his attacks the crystal box was broken and Susie could move freely and bites Arlo He died without any noise and in peace Because Arlo hated noise he didn t want to hear it and that s why he acted that way He also was a very intelligent person but crazy at the same time because he had a Snake living with himI think the moral lesson is to try to understand other people to know what they don t like and try to please them it is also important not to get stick to things especially if there are dangerous

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Download ´ Windows of the Mind Level 5 Cambridge English Readers 102 O protect the memory of his sister Journalist Kathy uses her blindness to get a clear picture of human characters Daniel has a tongue that e. A Nose for a StoryThe story follows Desiree Malpen a senior journalist for the National Diary that s trying to find personal information about an Indian writer named Nyree Singh who died in a car crash Desiree only wanted to find out about all the scandalous things involving Nyree s death She talks to Raj Patel an Indian director who is about to make a film for Nyree s latest book and tries to get information from him about the so called affair that Nyree had Raj tells her about a diary which contained all her secrets This is over heard by Professor Cyril Whitelaw who was writing a book about Nyree secretive life Desiree and Professor Whitelaw ended up going on the same day to Nyree s house were her brother lived he supposedly had her diary But it turns out Gopal Singh was friends with Raj and they had planned to trick Desiree into thinking there was a diary When Gopal was talking to his two guests he mentioned a box which contained all her secrets Gopal throws the box in the cesspit and says that whoever takes it will have the keyDesiree ends up digging the box out of the sewage and gets the key only to find cricket reports in it The story was alright for me the ending wasn t uite good but the story was funny I like the fact that we can see two different kind of people in the story Desiree who is full of ambition and would do anything to get what she wants And then Cyril who know that it was too much and understood that he wasn t going to look good in front of Gopal I didn t like the fact that the stories are so short I feel empty like I need to be happyThe moral lesson of the story I think is that we have to know the limit when it comes to getting what you want because something is not that important or valuable Ambition can t take over you you must know how to control it

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