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Summary Wild Decembers

Edna OBrien î 9 characters Free read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub î Edna OBrien Summary Wild Decembers Edna O'Brien rarely loses sight A dinner dance in the village of Cloontha and the seduction of Mick Bugler by an eager pair of uninhibited sisters rival Joyce in their hectic exuberance But as the narrative unfolds the reader is drawn into the sense of foreboding in a place where fields mean than fields than life and than death t. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to tour parts of Western Ireland I fell in love with a brief story I read on a momument to Grace O Malley in Westport In that town there were also a few pubs named after her in some way What a gal She defeated the balance of the Spanish Armada after the British Navy had warded them off She was offered titles and rewards by ueen Elizabeth I but declined them stating she was an Irish ueen and didn t reuire anything further This book is a great account of Irish history and the world of Grace in one It details the oppression indiginous people felt at the hands of their invaders Horrible twists of history It is posted as an elongated conversation with ueen Elizabeth I which is rud to have taken place but never really proven It seems a little contrived that E would sit still long enough to listen to this lengthy yarn But hey who am I to let reality distort a wonderful tale Again enjoy Check out her island Clare Island on GoogleEarth It is just off the shore of the Westport area shore

Free read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub î Edna OBrienWild Decembers

Edna OBrien î 9 characters Free read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub î Edna OBrien Summary Wild Decembers Edna O'Brien's masterly new novel WILD DECEMBERS charts the uick and critical demise of relations between Joseph Brennan and Mick Bugler the warring sons of warring sons in the countryside of Western Ireland With her inimitable gift for describing the occasions of heartbreak O'Brien brings Joseph's live for his land to the level o. The central focus of this book is a longstanding feud that plays out in the small fictional village of Cloontha in the Republic of Ireland We are given a classical Romeo and Juliet love story in Irish guise The telling is dramatically drawn set in a desolate landscape and an atmosphere heavy with foreboding and doom There are three central characters Joseph Brennan is a farmer His upbringing hard work and sacrifice of all else in his life has turned his devotion to ancestral land into outright worship For generations back the land had been in his family and so it was to continue The neighbor with whom his family has feuded for generations had emigrated to Australia but now a son Mick Bugler has returned to reclaim his inheritance The feud recommences boundaries grazing rights and right of way agreements are disputed With Joseph lives his younger sister Breege Isolated from the world around them they nevertheless live in harmony until all is brought into turmoil by the arrival of Mick Who does Breege fall in love with Of course Mick A Romeo and Juliet retelling cannot for me be as exciting as a new original story Further there are jarring elements that weaken the story The time frame is the 1970s but village life feels much old fashioned Is Edna O Brien drawing on memories of Ireland from her youth She left Ireland in the 1950s There is a strange sort of humor often with a sexual nuance and farcical in tone This too jars with the overall sense of doom that pervades the story There are two lewd sisters that entice men into their house and then accuse them of rape There are girls in a crazy asylum spreading their legs women pressing their bush against men Is this humor Why the exaggerated fixation on sex These farcical bizarre episodes intermingled with the pervading sense of doom and then lyrical lines left me feeling confused I simply felt nothing fit I was thrown form one kind of writing to another I could for example scarcely appreciate the lyrical beauty of Breege s line herewith uoted It was a beautiful winter day that I left home the trees bare their trunks so sleek and damp the sky all pageant clouds of every denomination their pink frilled edges overlapping like the waves of the sea Sunset like a monstrance spokes of light forking out from it white white gold The story builds to a crescendo The beginning is extremely slow and you have to have read at least half to be anything but bored I read to the end simply to discover how the feud would play out Another problem I had was with the character portrayals O Brien failed to convince me that these characters would behave as they did Just one example is when Breege view spoilerstops speaking One minute she is mute and suddenly she is speaking again hide spoiler

Edna OBrien î 9 characters

Edna OBrien î 9 characters Free read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub î Edna OBrien Summary Wild Decembers F his sister Breege's love for both him and his rival Bugler Breege sees the wrong of years and the recent wrongs fuel each other as Bugler comes to claim recently inherited acreage on what her brother calls my mountain A classic drama ensues involving the full range of bonds and betrayals and leavened by the human comedy of which. Wow What a book This is a lyrical poetic utterly engaging book The theme is as old as books star crosses would be lovers But she just nails it A story of the warring sons of warring sons in rural Ireland

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  • 12 August 2020
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