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Widows' Row review Ì eBook or Kindle ePUB Ut the things she knows will never happen But it’s hard not to dream about Jonathan JacksonAn encounter with a stranger changes Lila’s life fo. A beautifully written teenage book full of angst and uestioning I loved it

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Widows' Row review Ì eBook or Kindle ePUB R good when they find themselves pulling Jonathan unconscious out of the Irish SeaSometimes getting what you wish for makes life a lot complicated. This was a really thoughtful and intense read The main character is a teen girl dealing with a difficult situation where she feels trapped by her life and caring for her father who has been seriously ill since an accident She and another girl save the popular young man from school that she is crushing on Erin is a rather intriguing younger girl who keeps turning up and seems to need a friend Sorry it s been a while since I read this so I ve forgotten the names I don t want to give any spoilers There s hints of something spectral that is never outright admitted but you are left to decide for yourself if it s there or not The twist that comes later in the story is not totally unexpected but Shirley Anne handles it sensitively and believably I really liked the resolution to this story The story is emotional at times funny but is never overly sentimental or melodramatic As far as I know this is Shirley Anne s first published book and it s really polished and well written She s obviously worked really hard on developing her craft as a writer Looking forward to reading her next book The Good Hiding

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Widows' Row review Ì eBook or Kindle ePUB Lila’s life is going nowhere slowly Tired of everything and caring for her sick father in a small town she can barely allow herself to dream abo. As an English teacher I will definitely use this novel with young adults and recommend it to my colleagues It deals with issues of sexuality bullying depression in a fresh moving way I think it would work best for upper KS3 and KS4 pupils The characters are rich and the plot strong I was gripped to see what would happen to one of the main characters and I was pleased when it didn t take me where I expectedAs a resident of Northern Ireland I thoroughly enjoy reading books set in my local context but it would still certainly work for all readers A magical ghost story interweaves through the novel I would have loved to have read on this but perhaps the author is saving this for future storiesThis was the first independently published e book I have read I was not disappointed and strongly recommend this writer I look forward to future titles

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