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SUMMARY ✓ Waiting for Baby Cations She's worried about being a mom but she's even concerned about Jake already a busy single father of three girls And now he's proposing to turn their brief affair into a permanent arrangementRunning h. Unexpectedly pregnant by her rancher ex boyfriend a woman who manages an adult day care struggles with their resurrected relationship her job and her history of pregnancy loss and birth defects Oddly touching for a Harleuin romance


SUMMARY ✓ Waiting for Baby Is ranch and raising three daughters is enough to keep Jake on his toes But he's determined to do the right thing by Lilly Can their relationship grow from a fling into love considering there's a baby at sta. I received this book for free from either a raffle basket or conference swag bag I can t rememberI m not generally a fan of the Harleuin recipe romance but this one threw me enough curves that it held my interest I liked that the heroine Lilly worked with disabled adults and the depiction of that part of her life was very interesting and felt genuine I also enjoyed McDavid s local for me setting of rural Arizona McDavid also did a great job writing the hero s daughters who were anything but perfect little angels yet avoided becoming nasty little monsters they were simply real kids coping with a trying situation Nice job McDavidSadly the problems I have with most Harleuin books arise in this one Way too short and shallow for one And while I really dislike the idea of a pregnancy being the basis of a relationship it feels too much like the girl is trapping the guy McDavid did take pains to show Lilly and Jake trying to build a romance around that baby bump The happy ending view spoilerof course Lilly goes into labor at the wedding roll eyes hide spoiler

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SUMMARY ✓ Waiting for Baby Lilly Russo is thrilled and terrified to be pregnant First it's a bit of a shock that her brief affair with the owner of Bear Creek Ranch Jake Tucker led to a new life growing inside her But there are compli. Its well writen but in my mind somewhat unorigonal I would have prefered that it covered of their developing relationship instead of Lilly s very complicated pregnancy and her ensuing issues Personally I felt like the book was about the baby than the relationship and I think that s what ultimatly bothers me They are complex charachters though and I would certainly say its worth the read if you have nothing better to do It sounds harsh but that s about it

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  • Waiting for Baby
  • Cathy McDavid
  • English
  • 12 April 2018
  • 9780373752683