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Untouched Mistress

SUMMARY ↠ Untouched Mistress Guy Tregellas Viscount Varington has a rakish reputation and when he discovers a beautiful woman washed up on a beach he is than intrigued He doesn't believe Dull main characters and a slow drawn out plotline that s repetitious and boring Guy was such a beta hero and came across as rather listless Helene was a damsel in distress a runaway mistress who had nothing going for her except her stunning beauty Bleh I pretty much skimmed over entire sections just to get to the end

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SUMMARY ↠ Untouched Mistress He past five years she has lived a shameful life not of her choosing But she needs the help of her disturbingly handsome rescuer as danger catches up with th I guess this is what they call a Gothic novel the over the top evil villain his sinister castle perched on the edge of a cliff by the sea the traumatized but ethereally beautiful heroine the brave hero It was a fun read but not very emotionally involving


SUMMARY ↠ Untouched Mistress Her claims that she is a respectable widow and is determined to seduce the truth out of herHelena McGregor must escape Scotland to anonymity in London For t Solid read really bad bad guy likableadmirable heroes Brisk pace and hardly a moment s pause in the action which is a different take on the usual talky Regency Because there was so much action the character development was spare Present but not time taken with who they were rather a lot spent on why they were doing Which fits an almost nonstop action Regency I suppose However for my nitpick I d happily trade the carriage accident for some character moments and growth and Hero could have as easily found a way to prove himself to Heroine in that as the carriage accident rescue Incidentally I found the title and blurb somewhat misleading I m sure that s because my going in expectation was for a talky Regency not an action Regency and the action Regency made the promised events unfold much differently with a different uality Not a biggie but there was enough of a disconnect to have me mentionKept me reading in one go until I finished Handily dispatched from the writer s pen by meSide observation There sure are a ton of green eyed redheads as the beautiful yet outsider heroine in historicals