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summary ã E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Craig Munro review Under Cover ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Craig Munro ✓ 9 download A candid insightful memoir by one of Australia’s foremost editors who worked with many of the country’s finest writersIt started in 1971 when Craig Munro was a young editor at the University of ueensland Press with just a typewriter and a thumbed copy of the Chicago Manual of Style on his desk Over the next two decades Munro became involved in an invigoration of Australian writing and publishing with University of ueensland Press at its centreAfter spotting Peter Carey’s work in an indie magazin. I m not certain what I was expecting from Craig Munro s non fiction book Under Cover Adventures in the Art of Editing Scribe Publications 2015something banal and technical perhaps But that is not what I got Munro s work is part memoir part analysis and reminiscences about his decades of working in the publishing and editing industry in Australia and perhaps most importantly an account of the relationships he forged with so many authors along the way It is also a history of University of ueensland Press UP and so was especially interesting to me as UP is my publisher Although I did find it strange to read an entire book about UP without a single mention of Madonna Duffy who certainly has embodied the spirit of the thriving Press in recent years But this book is a history and as such it is full of fascinating facts and anecdotes Munro regales us with stories about Peter Carey Kate Grenville David Malouf and so many other heavyweights of Australian literature all published by UP He talks about poetry fiction non fiction and memoir He examines the introduction of the now famous David Unaipon Award which celebrates and champions the writing of an unpublished Aboriginal author Towards the end of the book he recounts meeting with the new generation of indigenous writers such as Ellen van Neerven and Melissa Lucashenko For anyone interested in the rise of Australian publishing and the career paths of some of our best known authors this book is a treasure trove of material And Munro highlights the absolute importance of the author editor publisher relationship When speaking of Barbara Hanrahan he says at one point Even though Barbara s fiction reuired precious little editing our publishing bond was forged from a shared delight in narrative artistry How I love that phrase A shared delight in narrative artistry isn t that what we all strive for in our editorial relationships Another uote that struck me for its perceptiveness was this one attributed to Olga Masters All my writing is about human behaviour There s not much drama no great happenings in it No violence It s about the violence that s inside the human heart I think than anything else Isn t that a lovely phrase The violenceinthe human heart Craig Munro is an author researcher and academic himself and so is able to shed an illuminating light on the complex relationships that contribute to the making of a book I learnt a lot about the history of UP the chronicle of Australian authors and publishing and the conflict and co operation that has occurred along the way

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summary ã E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Craig Munro review Under Cover ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Craig Munro ✓ 9 download Arton master storyteller Elizabeth Jolley and then emerging talent Kate Grenville Just as importantly Munro mentored and trained passionate editors who are today well known agents editors and publishersWith humour insight and warmth Munro recounts arguably the most daring innovative and well funded period that Australian publishing has ever witnessed Like Other People’s Words by Hilary McPhee Under Cover is essential reading for all those who love books and cherish Australia’s uniue literary cultu. AN interesting behind the scenes journey through Australian publishing see my review at

summary ã E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Craig Munro

summary ã E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Craig Munro review Under Cover ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Craig Munro ✓ 9 download E Munro edited Carey’s debut The Fat Man in History He went on to publish several of Carey’s award winning novels edited David Malouf’s classic work Johnno and helped to bring about UP’s Indigenous publishing list Munro championed Olga Masters and Barbara Hanrahan edited a young Murray Bail and became firm friends with Top of the Lake scriptwriters Gerard Lee and Jane Campion Over his long career he also encountered an irascible Xavier Herbert hardworking journalist Hugh Lunn raconteur Herb Wh. This book kept me engrossed for the couple of days it took to read putting aside the pile of other books on the bedside table The review has taken longer while I ponder where to start It s all so engaging in a slightly voyeuristic way knowing many of the University of ueensland Press editors and writers albeit not in the stellar company of Peter Carey and David Malouf Rather I hovered on the fringe too self effacing to use social interactions to push my own manuscripts There are hilarious behind the scenes stories like a literary awards night bun fight when alcohol fuelled audience at the feet of this writer prophet Morris West had become a heedless and uncivil multitude Waves of muttered protest swept the room like storm gusts fanned by the windy West Olga Masters took them to task at a premier s awards night I think it was disgusting behaviour A lot of you should be uite ashamed of yourselves

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