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  • Герой нашего времени
  • Mikhail Lermontov
  • Italian
  • 03 August 2020
  • 9788811364627
Герой нашего времени

CHARACTERS ð E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Mikhail Lermontov READ Герой нашего времени 109 Mikhail Lermontov ´ 9 READ Al proprio compimento uesto effetto di “moltiplicazione dei punti di vista” che sottintende la ricerca di una forma romanzesca oggettivata si rafforza ulteriormente grazie alla sfasatura della successione cronologica delle cinue narrazioni che compongono uello che è stato definito “il primo romanzo psicologico russo” i racconti Bela Maksim Maksimyc Taman’ La principessina Mary Il fatalista. There is something in A Hero of Our Time that even time is powerless to destroy The novel is full of everlasting feelings and motives that ruled human beings in ancient times and keep ruling now I was so delighted to be so high above the world it was a childlike feeling I won t deny it but withdrawing from the demands of society and drawing near to nature we become children without meaning to and everything that has been acuired falls away from the soul and it becomes as it once was and probably will be once again Feeling affinity with nature always makes one purer and nobler but civilization doesn t let one go and demands to obey its conventions in the end Yes such has been my lot since early childhood Everyone would read on my face evil signs that weren t even there But they were assumed to be there and so they were born in me I was modest and I was accused of craftiness I started to be secretive I had deep feelings of good and evil No one caressed me everyone insulted me I became rancorous I was sullen other children were merry and chatty I felt myself to be superior to them and I was made inferior I grew envious I was prepared to love the whole world and no one understood me and I learned to hate My colorless youth elapsed in a struggle with myself and the world And anyone who doesn t want to abide by social restrictions is destined to become an odd man a man for whom there is no place among the others I have already surpassed that period in a soul s life when it seeks only happiness when the heart feels a necessity to love someone strongly and ardently Now I only want to be loved and at that only by a very few But if one is strange he is bound to remain a stranger

CHARACTERS ð E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Mikhail Lermontov

CHARACTERS ð E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Mikhail Lermontov READ Герой нашего времени 109 Mikhail Lermontov ´ 9 READ Il ritratto di Grigorij Aleksandrovic Pecorin protagonista di Un eroe del nostro tempo è tracciato nel romanzo partendo da tre diversi punti prospettici Se ne ottiene una figura a tre dimensioni inafferrabile contraddittoria misteriosa ma proprio per uesto particolarmente viva e affascinante Noi vediamo Pecorin attraverso gli occhi del capitano in seconda Maksim Maksimyc uomo russo ma profondamente. And now Childe Harold was sore sick at heartAnd from his fellow bacchanals would flee Tis said at times the sullen tear would startBut pride congealed the drop within his e e Lord Byron Childe Harold s Pilgrimage Canto I Stanza VIAnother life that vanished too soon Mikhail Lermontov was only 26 years old when he was killed in a duel Same fate as another Russian genius Alexander Pushkin to whom he dedicated his poem Death of the Poet And thus he died for vengeance vainly thirsting Secretly vexed by false hopes deceived His lips forever sealed Lermontov s poetry and prose are eually superb At such a young age he became one of the most important Russian writers of all time And another favorite of mine That was a nice surprise because I honestly did not have high hopes for this book I am not sure why I did not expect such a beautiful and evocative writing powerful enough to fill my heart with delight and break it at the same time Little I knew that Lermontov himself was kind of the personification of the Byronic hero like the main character of this book Pechorin a man made of flesh bones arrogance cynicism and melancholy A captive of his own pessimism and that familiar feeling of emptiness and perpetual loss A victim of the worldYes such has been my lot from very childhood All have read upon my countenance the marks of bad ualities which were not existent but they were assumed to exist and they were born I was modest I was accused of slyness I grew secretive I profoundly felt both good and evil no one caressed me all insulted me I grew vindictive I was gloomy other children merry and talkative I felt myself higher than they I was rated lower I grew envious I was prepared to love the whole world no one understood me I learned to hate My colourless youth flowed by in conflict with myself and the world fearing ridicule I buried my best feelings in the depths of my heart and there they died I spoke the truth I was not believed I began to deceive 93I have always read that bad people were not born but made almost embracing the argument that a warm environment can overcome any genetic predisposition I m not uite sure about that Pechorin clearly thought that was his case He was ready to love and the world taught him to hateThis book is not a novel per se it is divided into five novellas Bela Maxim Maximovich and three extracts from Pechorin s diary simply brilliantThe first part serves as an introduction to Pechorin s character A young officer and Captain Maximovich started talking about the latter s peculiar friend Pechorin whom he had met in the Caucases This young man had met a beautiful princess named Bela that soon became his next challenge Bela s brother Azamat a whiny obnoxious teenager really wanted somebody else s horse And Pechorin offered his assistance in exchange for Bela Yes a woman for a horse So the little brat kidnapped his own sister and then he got his beloved horse Charming fellaBy that time I was a bit bored I was about to take the narrator s offerTherefore you must wait a bit or if you like turn over a few pages 26 I didn t I followed his adviceThough I do not advise you to do the latter because the crossing of Mount Krestov or as the erudite Gamba calls it le mont St Christophe is worthy of your curiosity 26Yeah It was notIn conclusion time went by and Pechorin s free spirit got bored of Bela While reading his response to Maximovich when he asked him about the princess I thought Finally A first sign that this book can be amazing And it certainly was A young man with a void in his heart with needs that were impossible to satisfy with the thought of death always in his head couldn t be around the same people for a long time He started to feel suffocated and the urge of escaping took over him Like a Russian Childe Harold the only option was to get away to travel To experience new things so he can reduce that void to vanish his ennui This situation is described with such a beautiful dazzling writingThis next passage does not have spoilers but I hid it because it is uite long and some people might prefer not to read the whole thing but I just couldn t uote less without damaging the essence So you have been warnedview spoiler Mine is an unfortunate disposition whether it is the result of my upbringing or whether it is innate I know not I only know this that if I am the cause of unhappiness in others I myself am no less unhappy Of course that is a poor consolation to them only the fact remains that such is the case In my early youth from the moment I ceased to be under the guardianship of my relations I began madly to enjoy all the pleasures which money could buy and of course such pleasures became irksome to me Then I launched out into the world of fashion and that too soon palled upon me I fell in love with fashionable beauties and was loved by them but my imagination and egoism alone were aroused my heart remained empty I began to read to study but sciences also became utterly wearisome to me I saw that neither fame nor happiness depends on them in the least because the happiest people are the uneducated and fame is good fortune to attain which you have only to be smart Then I grew bored Soon afterwards I was transferred to the Caucasus and that was the happiest time of my life I hoped that under the bullets of the Chechenes boredom could not exist a vain hope In a month I grew so accustomed to the buzzing of the bullets and to the proximity of death that to tell the truth I paid attention to the gnats and I became bored than ever because I had lost what was almost my last hope When I saw Bela in my own house when for the first time I held her on my knee and kissed her black locks I fool that I was thought that she was an angel sent to me by sympathetic fate Again I was mistaken the love of a savage is little better than that of your lady of uality the barbaric ignorance and simplicity of the one weary you as much as the couetry of the other I am not saying that I do not love her still I am grateful to her for a few fairly sweet moments I would give my life for her only I am bored with her Whether I am a fool or a villain I know not but this is certain I am also most deserving of pity perhaps than she My soul has been spoiled by the world my imagination is unuiet my heart insatiable To me everything is of little moment I become as easily accustomed to grief as to joy and my life grows emptier day by day One expedient only is left to me travel 31 32 hide spoiler

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CHARACTERS ð E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Mikhail Lermontov READ Герой нашего времени 109 Mikhail Lermontov ´ 9 READ Radicato nella natura e nella cultura del Caucaso lo vediamo poi attraverso gli occhi dell’autore narratore uomo russo che vive delle contraddizioni e delle aspirazioni dell’intelletto e della cultura russa del tempo lo vediamo infine attraverso gli occhi suoi stessi partecipi così degli slanci delle pulsioni e delle frustrazioni di uno spirito russo eternamente peregrino e incapace di giungere. One of the most interesting eye opening books I ve read I m not that familiar with Russian literature but the I read the I m falling in love with them This book has got to be one of the most extended sustained meditation on the egotistical mind of a young casanova But strangely the novel doesn t make me despise its protagonist There is something intriguing almost refreshing about the calculated cruelty yet disarming honesty of the protagonist He knows he can t commit and says so Then he ponders about the meaning of life and why he was born when he causes the misery of so many around him This book raises the uestions of why we do somehow irrationally get attracted to such characters As a female reader I m just amazed by the intricacies of the protagonist s mind and I loved the experience of entering into his psyche with his elaborate schemes to seduce women This is definitely also a great book for those who want to educate themselves on how crafty a casanova s mind can be while some male readers may secretly admire the protagonist s antics and admit him to be a hero of our time I highly recommend it