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Ultimate Bread review ´ 109 read & download Ultimate Bread Bread brings Features over 100 superb recipesPhotos of all the basic ingredients including fillings and flavoringsCompanion volume of Ultimate Chocolate Ultimate Cake and Ultimate Pas. This is a fantastic techniue book I ve had to modify a lot of the recipes I ve tried probably to compensate for a radically different climate and flour than Northern Europebut the techniues are spot on well illustrated and explained This is a good companion book for the hobbyist baker It is important to note that there are two versions of this book One is just called Bread by the same authors published in the 90 s and that version went to press with a significant number of errors in the recipes If purchasing make sure you are getting Ultimate Bread as the mistakes have been fixed

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Ultimate Bread review ´ 109 read & download Ultimate Bread You don't have to go to San Francisco for sourdough to Italy for ciabatta or to Germany for Pumpernickel All these recipes and many are found in Ultimate Bread Step by step seuences an. I got this from my Library and loved that it has so much information on homemade bread I bought my own copy

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Ultimate Bread review ´ 109 read & download Ultimate Bread D easy to follow text takes the mystery out of breadmaking Baking essentials and basic techniues are included too Ultimate Bread guarantees the pleasure that making and eating your own. The photography in the book is Fabulous Thank you Ursula Ferrigno Recipes from around the world and photos of every ingredient piece of euipment techniues and all of the different finishes on bread pre bake and after baking The well written 69 pages of techniue and fundamentals are always good to have I d appreciate some mention of how best to use these recipes in a convection oven but am figuring it out myself I m curious why such low oven temps 200C are used in so many recipes I eschew bread machines with snobbery akin to the British peerages view on chavs so I always wish they weren t mentioned but the recipes are lovely and the photography is mouthwatering

  • Hardcover
  • 168
  • Ultimate Bread
  • Eric Treuille
  • English
  • 27 March 2018
  • 9780789435132