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  • Paperback
  • 270
  • The Sea Is Ours Tales from Steampunk Southeast Asia
  • Jaymee Goh
  • en
  • 05 September 2019
  • 9781495607561

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The Sea Is Ours Tales from Steampunk Southeast Asia review î 104 Steampunk takes on Southeast Asia in this anthology  The stories in this collection merge technological wonder with the everyday Children upgrade their fighting spiders with armor and toymake. This is a well balanced collection of stories with a nice range of style and tone from action to introspection to horror to wonder that felt well balanced with none of it jarring with the rest and I enjoyed it a lot My favorite stories were probably Nghi Vo s Life Under Glass a uiet story about two sisters gathering specimens in the wilderness for a scientific exhibition one of whom is feeling lost after a breakup with her girlfriend Olivia Ho s Working Woman a darker story about the lives of three very different women intersecting and Kate Osias The Unmaking of the Cuadro Amoroso another one of the darker entries about the unwinding of a polyamorous uartet of genius artists and scientists and the revenge they exact in return please note a trigger warning for suicide in this story but the biopunk technology in Robert Liow s Spider Here including the spider powered fighting robots might have been my favorite steampunk invention for the uieter scenes of invention and artistry where the protagonist builds the robot casingsLonger review available at my Patreon

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The Sea Is Ours Tales from Steampunk Southeast Asia review î 104 Pt to the changing forces of their world The Sea Is Ours is an exciting new anthology that features stories infused with the spirits of Southeast Asia’s diverse peoples legends and geography. Beautifully written and challenging stories and a clearly well thought out editorial ethos This is the thing that I look for from anthologies and I definitely got it here

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The Sea Is Ours Tales from Steampunk Southeast Asia review î 104 Rs create punchcard driven marionettes Large fish lumber across the skies while boat people find a new home on the edge of a different dimension Technology and tradition meld as the people ada. I find the star system generally uite useless in terms of rating books sometimes a whole lot happens between liked it and really liked it so for an anthology where there are definite stand outs and a few less appealing ones A mixed bag as it usually is and my three stars don t accurately convey how some writers did really well while some were so so That said the stories here have consistently intriguing ideas and a real attentiveness to details and structures and mechanisms of how things work where some stories didn t work for me then was when this overrode the writing and the characterisation Some just didn t have emotional depth andor didn t uite experiment with form or perspective to hold my interest beyond the time it took me to read it chief among these are the highly praised central pieces by Kate Osias and Paolo Chikiamco Both were overwrought and style than substance Also sometimes the rhythm of language in a piece of writing is like individual personality either you get on with it or you don t This was pretty much my problem with LL Hill s story as well uieter stories by Nghi Vo Timothy Dimacali Pear Nuallak and ZM uynh worked better for me these did not announce themselves with much bombast but were intelligent and subtle and worked a delicate magic In these stories the world as seen through the characters eyes is slightly off kilter lovely menacing and mysterious Favourites were Alessa Hinlo s remarkable fusing of Filipino myth with anticolonial politics and Olivia Ho s Singaporean take on Frankenstein s monster via the appropriated labour and bodies of Chinese women under capitalist rule On the whole it s really nice to read so many stories that take Southeast Asian history and culture as points of departure to subvert or modify standard steampunk tropes in order to create something wholly distinctive Perhaps best to point out that I don t generally read steampunk or gravitate towards it and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this Or maybe what I enjoy is just Asian steampunk by Asian writers minus the orientalist gaze Or basically just good writing that incorporates steampunk ideas In any case this book has set a standard for me Most of the stories here are from Filipino writers and there was plenty that was new to me and fun to learn about I really look forward to looking up of the stuff I took notes on A really nice and welcome effort by the editors and contributors with lovely illustrations If there s another volume planned at some point I hope we ll see greater representation from other SEA countriesLonger review is up here