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The Pharmacist of Auschwitz: The Untold Story Summary ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Courageous survivors and a single brave prosecutor finally brought him to trial for murder twenty years after the end of the war The Pharmacist of Auschwitz is much though than a personal account of Capesius It provides a spellbinding glimpse inside the devils pact made between the Nazis and Germanys largest conglomerate IG Farben and its Bayer pharmaceutical subsidiary The story is one of murder and greed with its roots in the dark heart of the Holocaust It is told through Nazi henchmen and ind. The story is well written in a way you want to keep reading It is very interesting to read about the past Auschwitz time and what finally happened to people involved It leaves me shaking my head looking at some punishments for the ones working in Auschwitz A history lesson for all never again

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The Pharmacist of Auschwitz: The Untold Story Summary ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ustrialists turned war criminals intelligence agents and zealous prosecutors and intrepid concentration camp survivors and Nazi hunters Set against a backdrop ranging from Hitlers war to conuer Europe to the Final Solution to postwar Germanys tormented efforts to confront its dark past Posner shows the appalling depths to which ordinary men descend when they are unrestrained by conscience or any sense of morality The Pharmacist of Auschwitz is a moving saga that lingers long after the final page. An excellent read However as the book progressed and focussed extensively on the post war trials and examinations of its principal character the it seemed to lose the chill and horror that was Auschwitz That is not to demean the extraordinary diligence of the author s research I think for anyone like me who reads this book after visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau what happened to Capesius and his associates is of far less import than what actually went on in these hells of humanity It is impossible standing alongside those now defunct railways which brought a million and innocents to their cruel indescribable deaths to make sense of it Tears don t do it justice and I think about it constantly in the context of the other terrible injustices being perpetrated at this very moment throughout this world Man will never learn And if you stand at the railhead ramp where all these poor people disgorged from their trucks and were robbed of their possessions to be directed at the whim and fancy of some arrogant imperious SS officer to the left death or to the right life but for how long what happened to Capesius after the war is other than the understandable desire for revenge of lesser interest It is the pain the horror the inhumanity the indignities that make the story of Auschwitz so compellingOf course as you read you keep thinking will this man will these people get their comeuppance But far tragic are the images visual and mental of man s inhumanity to man This is not to belittle this book in any way but I don t think words can express what truly went on at Auschwitz But well done nonetheless

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The Pharmacist of Auschwitz: The Untold Story Summary ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Now translated into 13 languages The Pharmacist of Auschwitz is the little known story of Victor Capesius a Bayer pharmaceutical salesman from Romania who at the age of 35 joined the Nazi SS in 1943 and uickly became the chief pharmacist at the largest death camp Auschwitz Based in part on previously classified documents Patricia Posner exposes Capesiuss reign of terror at the camp his escape from justice fueled in part by his theft of gold ripped from the mouths of corpses and how a handful of. Excellent reading well written and well researched the lessons learned from the holocaust must never be forgotten or the world will repeat them as we have seen in recent years Having studied German History through to WWI and WWII I thought that I was aware of all the major players in the terrible story that is Auschwitz and the final solution but I have never come across this man before his consistent denials and failure to admit to the atrocities he was complicit do him and his country men no favours I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes to learn about the disgusting philosophy of Hitler and Nazism

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