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SUMMARY Ó The Invitation The InvitationMatchmakersA Perfect Arrangement Keep her happy as a pilot and her new partner William Montgomery promises to make very cozy company until Jackie realizes he is the same little Billy she babysat for many years ago In the second story Matchmakers Kane Taggert who reluctantly agrees to guide four New York City women on a Colorado trail ride may be enchanted by Ruth Edwards a calculatingly. Three books in oneThe Invitation William Montgomery is an old soul even as a child He loves Jackie who is ten years older When Jackie s husband dies William gets his chance Although Jackie does not think of herself as middle aged at 38 everyone else does and sees 28 year old William as too young for her They know the truth Jackie is a child compared to William Entertaining in some ways but I was interested in Jackie s friend Terri and what was going to happen to her Four starsMatchmaker Kane s mother is worried that her son is still grieving for his wife and talks him into taking four New York City girls into the back country of Colorado She has her eye on one of them in particular for Kane She is very like is dead wife She reckons without Cale Anderson mystery writer and all around smart mouth Cale i

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SUMMARY Ó The Invitation The InvitationMatchmakersA Perfect Arrangement In the three novellas collected here bestselling romancer Deveraux explores some of the limits of the genre she knows so well indicating she may be as spunky as her heroines The first story The Invitation is set in 1934 Jackie O'Neill returns to her hometown of Chandler Colo an accomplished pilot and a lonely widow Developing her air transport business can. This rating and review only pertains to the short story contained in this collection titled The Matchmakers I know I ve read the other two stories in the collection at some point but all I remember is that the hero in the titular short story kind of creeped me out with his years long obsession over the heroine and I remember thinking the third story was okay but that s literally all I remember I know I ve read The Matchmakers a few times and I remembered loving itI recently read Sweet Liar which features Mike Taggart who is Kane s identical twin brother mostly because every time I d read this story over the years I d see the references to Mike and his wife Sam and wonder what their story was I wasn t impressed and during the reading kept wishing I was reading Kane s story instead and also that Kane s s

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SUMMARY Ó The Invitation The InvitationMatchmakersA Perfect Arrangement Charming widow if only he can make it through the two week trip without throttling Ruth's friend bestselling author Cale Anderson The last story A Perfect Arrangement finds Dorie Latham enlisting Cole Hunter an aging gunslinger with no visible means of support and the beginnings of a paunch to play husband and help her elude her sister's matchmaking scheme. Copyright 1994 This is a collection of 3 novellas set in different time periods A freuent favorite reread back in the day it s been a long time since I ve read it Time changes what you think is a good read Book 1 3 stars is set in the underused time period of 1932 One of the reasons I loved JD so much is she isn t afraid to step into an unpopular time make it her own This is the longest story but it could have been edited down IMO The trope is older womanyounger man I don t mean a measly 5 year difference Jackie is a whopping TEN YEARS older than William In fact she used to change his diapers when he was 2 because she was his babysitter She s 38 William s 28 in this story Jackie ran off with an airplane pilot when she was 18 the airplane was just getting popular She s the best flyer in the world but sh

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