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characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Laurent Gaudé Read & Download ¾ Le Soleil des Scorta 105 Laurent Gaudé ✓ 5 Read & Download Thern Italian village While their scandalous history confronts them at every turn they are blessed with an imposing pride and a relentless faith in their own power. I have been excited about reading a book by Laurent Gaud for uite a while ever since I saw him on a September 2016 episode of La Grande Librairie Gaud is a very well known and decorated French writer and I had several of his books on my to be read listBy luck of the draw I randomly selected Le Soleil des Scorta as my next Prix Goncourt winning book to read I excitedly purchased a copy of the book andwell I was hooked from the first few pages I ended up devouring the book in one day Le Soleil des Scorta is the story ofwellseveral generations of the Scorta family It begins with an account of the nefarious life and death of the clan s progenitor Then the reader learns the histories of the succeeding two generations of Scortas their lives their triumphs and their tragediesNow the story of the Scortas itself is very interesting In fact I couldn t turn the pages of the book fast enough as I was so interested in how things would turn out And I believe that on a deeper level the book explored the concept of family as well as the idea that the family line the collective is what justifies the existence of any one family member the individual And one can only understand the happiness and purpose of one s individual life by stepping back and looking at one s life as a link in the continuum of a family lineageGaud s prose is sparse but very gripping He certainly knows how to write a book that people will find interesting to readI did mention that I enjoyed reading the book and that I found it interesting However I was ultimately a bit disappointed I had such great expectations of Laurent Gaud that I was slightly underwhelmed with this book which I found to be an interesting read but not a great one

characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Laurent Gaudé

Le Soleil des Scorta

characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Laurent Gaudé Read & Download ¾ Le Soleil des Scorta 105 Laurent Gaudé ✓ 5 Read & Download The lyrical narrative is punctuated by the confessions of the elderly Carmela revealing her family’s past of notorious crimes forsaken loves and long buried secre. Enjoyed reading this twentieth century story to the accompaniment of Highbridge audio s via Hoopla dramatization The italicized voice of senescent Carmela stood out confessing family secrets to don Salvatore The Gargano region of Apulia Italy s boot heel suffered a major earthuake in 1627 which brought four aftershocks and a tsunami This story included a sudden minor earthuake with an aftershock which cut through Montepuccio s cemetery shattering marble and fissuring earth Narrative and dialogue caught land sea and sun the resourcefulness and adaptability of the Scorta dynasty to circumstances and the village s ethos the pride in family name the happiness from one s sweat the resplendent feast of seafood and pasta on the trabucco platform of the rocky Adriatic coast The story started with the love smitten vengeance of Luciano Mascalzone His resolution begat Rocco Mascalzone Scorta the brigand of the second generation but his mission involved an unforeseen twist Further surprises occurred throughout the text that engendered zany humor or heartache or jubilation

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characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Laurent Gaudé Read & Download ¾ Le Soleil des Scorta 105 Laurent Gaudé ✓ 5 Read & Download Winner of the Prix Goncourt Laurent Gaudé’s The House of Scorta follows five generations of the infamous Scorta family as they struggle to survive in a small sou. Blood is thicker than water and in southern Italy in the late 1900 s family blood in the dirt poor coastal town of Montepuccio was so thick you could walk on it Carmela with her three brothers runs the family business of cigarette smuggling Their mother whom they called the Mute as did everyone else died when they were very young Carmela when very old tells most of the story in retrospect to the village priest so he can relate it to her newly born granddaughter I was a sister my whole life longwhen people hear of my death no one will say Manuzio s widow died they ll say the Scortas sister died The only happiness I ve ever known was when I was surrounded by my brothers The novel translated from the French was a winner of France s Goncourt Prize The language the irony and the tricks of language in this book are beautiful Smoke Don Salvatore it will do us both good You can hardly hear what I m saying Don t let it bother you I prefer it this way When I asked for a word with you you gave a start as if a dog had started speaking Read this book

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