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READ The Healer The Witch Hunter #05 100 For a cure is a single name Elizabeth GreyWho is this girl and how has she become mixed up with such dark magic John must put these uestions aside when Elizabeth is brought to him from the palace's prison on the brink of death It will take everything he has to save her and to save Nicholas but perhaps he'll manage to save his heart along the wa. John is precious and I love him that is all

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READ The Healer The Witch Hunter #05 100 Don't miss this bewitching novella set in the world of The Witch HunterJohn Raleigh one of the youngest and most talented magical healers in all of Anglia can relieve any ailment except perhaps his own broken heart Since the deaths of his mother and sister who burned at the stake for witchcraft John has spent his nights lost in nightmares and h. Aw That was really nice even though I was hoping for John is such an angel omg bless Not enough cuteness for me but I ll let it slide for now YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASfinallyI HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR NEWS OF THISjohn is my absolute baeim hoping its backstory his feelings for her BC THAT WAS JUST SO CUTE

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READ The Healer The Witch Hunter #05 100 Is days drowning in melancholy That is until he's summoned to the home of Nicholas Perevil the most powerful wizard in the kingdom who suffers from a mysterious illness that has confounded every other healerJohn immediately knows that this is no normal sickness Nicholas it seems is falling apart because of a dangerous curse and their only clue. Obviously this is going to be a uite short review since the novella was only 32 pages long Up until a few days ago I didn t even know this little insight into John s life existed but someone on Twitter told me about it and OF COURSE I had to get it immediatelyIt s no secret that I absolutely adored The Witch Hunter and that I can t wait for book 2 to be released The ones who read my review will also know that John is extremely gorgeous and that I love him loads he s such a charming and loving guyThis novella is about him and his past what he s been through and everything that happened before Elizabeth met all the others I found all this super interesting even though also heartbreaking I didn t know John had such a hard past and lost people he loved maybe I overread it in the actual book Was it revealed there I don t remember I felt bad for him and just wanted to hold him really really tight all the thoughts he had well it was sad Poor JohnWhat s my conclusion Definitely a must read for everyone who loved the first book and couldn t get enough of our precious John Even though it s very short and I wish there would ve been some pages it was great to read out of his perspectivewwwaworldbetweenfoldedpagesblogspotcom

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  • The Healer The Witch Hunter #05
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