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  • Hardcover
  • 328
  • The Family Guide to Mental Health Care
  • Lloyd I. Sederer
  • en
  • 04 June 2020
  • 9780393707946

characters The Family Guide to Mental Health Care

characters The Family Guide to Mental Health Care 107 characters The Family Guide to Mental Health Care Reader friendly way including checklists to bring to a doctor’s appointment so you can ask the right uestions For readers who fear they will never see the light at the end of the tunnel this book gives hope and a path forwardAs one of the nation’s leading voices on uality care in mental health Dr Lloyd Sederer has played a singular role in advancing services for those with mental illness Now the wealth of his expertise and clear guidance is at your disposal From the first signs of a problem to sorting through the variety of treatment options you and your family will be able to walk into a doctor’s office know what to do and what to ask. I m finding this to be a thoughtful and compassionately written book that serves as a comprehensive guide to the wide spectrum of mental health care for families whose loved ones are living with a mental health diagnosis Dr Sederer s book provides practical information about mental health care services in America from navigating the system to finding the best physician for treatment to what recovery looks like for various illnesses to explaining how families are empowered advocates for loved ones and to showing how hope healing and having productive lives are achievable no matter one s diagnosis Due to the prevalence of mental illness in the world I would recommend this book to anyone whether the person living with the diagnosis is a family member a friend a colleague or self A general knowledge about the topic and how to be of assistance to those suffering benefits society as a whole Definitely a resource book for every household Mental illness is part of the human condition and we must have the courage and compassion to educate ourselves about it to have an informed vocabulary to say the frightening words often enough so that they no longer invite the toxic fear shame or stigma that so many have been struggling with for so tragically long Help is available Glenn Close I received this complimentary copy from Goodreads and W W Norton Company in exchange for an honest review

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The Family Guide to Mental Health Care

characters The Family Guide to Mental Health Care 107 characters The Family Guide to Mental Health Care More than fifty million people a year are diagnosed with some form of mental illness It spares no sex race age ethnicity or income level And left untreated mental disorders can devastate our families and communities Family members and friends are often the first to realize when someone has a problem but it is hard to know how to help or where to turn Our mental health “system” can feel like a bewildering and frustrating maze How can you tell that someone has a mental illness What are the first and best steps for you to take Where do you go to find the right careThe Family Guide to Mental Health Care is the first comprehensive print resou. This is a how to guide on navigating the murky waters of the mental health services system If you find yourself wondering what you need to do to ensure your loved one gets a diagnosis and on a treatment plan get this book My relationship with my family member changed dramatically after I employed some of Dr Sederer s advice and I am much confident about our journey through the medical community and understanding treatment options

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characters The Family Guide to Mental Health Care 107 characters The Family Guide to Mental Health Care Rce for the millions of people who have loved ones suffering from some kind of mental illness In this book families can find the answers to their most urgent uestions What medications are helpful and are some as dangerous as I think Is there a way to navigate privacy laws so I can discuss my adult daughter’s treatment with her doctor Is my teenager experiencing typical adolescent distress or an illness From understanding depression bipolar illness and anxiety to eating and traumatic disorders schizophrenia and much readers will learn what to do and how to helpReal life scenarios and authoritative information are written in a compassionate. This book offers a lot of information and is very insightful I used it as a research book for my senior capstone project and it was a lot of help and let me strengthen my argument