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REVIEW ´ The Errant Knight Ed Ann Tompert's heartfelt story shows that there are many ways to be faithful to one's life purpose Doug Keith's masterful oil paintings offer delight and surprise at every turn of the pag. For Doug Keith s illustrations

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REVIEW ´ The Errant Knight We cant always see what twists and turns our life journeys have in store or how following each bend in the road may really lead us to exactly where we belong The Errant Knight is the touchi. This book is so cute I criedI m becoming so soft hearted The illustrations are a little dated but the story is lovely A true be a good person story

CHARACTERS µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Ann Tompert

REVIEW ´ The Errant Knight Ng story of a brave knight who sets out to serve his King After first helping a group of distraught travelers he is led astray from his mission again and again in order to serve those in ne. This picture book is uite simply one of my favorites I have given it at gifts shared it with students both in class and at church and even read it to college students on a religious retreat A book that deals with purpose in life there are several religious and spiritual undertones in this masterpiece by Ann Tompert She doesn t hit you over the head with it rather she weaves it into the story through brilliant narrative inspired dialogue and heartfelt theme

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  • The Errant Knight
  • Ann Tompert
  • English
  • 23 July 2020
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