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The Bible Made Impossible Download µ 2 Christian Smith Þ 2 Read & download Read & download Ò PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Þ Christian Smith Biblicism an approach to the Bible common among some American evangelicals emphasizes together the Bible's exclusive authority infallibility clarity self sufficiency internal consistency self evident meaning and universal applicability Acclaimed sociologist Christian Smith argues that this approach is misguided and unable to live up to its own claims If evangelical. This is an outstanding book in which Christian Smith challenges Biblicism a constellation of common evangelical assumptions about the Bible It s written to challenge those who approach the Bible as a inerrant handbook on all walks of life science economics health politics romance whatever The author argues uite convincingly that the Biblicist outlook including exclusive authority infallibility perspicuity self sufficiency internal consistency self evident meaning and universal applicability is not so much wrong as it is impossible even taken on its own terms It simply does not work as proposed and cannot function in a coherent way And for it to appear to work evangelicals must engage in various forms of textual selectivity denial and contortion which actually end up violating Biblicist intentionsAsking what is the Biblical view is on say dating indicates that the main point of the scriptures has been missed and that the text is being forced into a form other than it was intended to be Smith writes that the logic of Biblicism tends to encourage Bible readers to search the scriptures to find whatever shreds of evidence and tidbits of possibly relevant information might be pieced together to come up with biblical answers to their uestions and problems Then when others disagree pervasive interpretive pluralism is born In short the church suffers from pervasive interpretive pluralism in part because too many people insist on the Bible giving clear and complete information answers and directions which the Bible simply does not give Smith goes on to identify how this causes most of the organizational and identify fragmentation in the modern church as well as the common paradigm protecting practices used to guard these sets of divisive beliefsSmith considers himself a conservative Christian and when accused of liberal theology he writes Slapping the liberal label on others is still a knee jerk reaction of many evangelicals against any argument that one first glance does not seem identical to or conservative than their own position This tendency has much to do with the sociological process of maintaining safe identity boundaries and avoiding truly challenging intellectual engagements than it does with sustaining Christian faith While he steers clear of the inerrancy debate for the most part he does hint at the complexity behind such a view saying that any such defense of inerrancy dies the death of a thousand ualifications

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The Bible Made Impossible

The Bible Made Impossible Download µ 2 Christian Smith Þ 2 Read & download Read & download Ò PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Þ Christian Smith Biblicism worked as its proponents say it should there would not be the vast variety of interpretive differences that biblicists themselves reach when they actually read and interpret the Bible Smith describes the assumptions beliefs and practices of evangelical biblicism and sets it in historical sociological and philosophical context He explains why it is an imp. This has been something of a bombshell book in evangelical Christian circles That is because Christian Smith a sociologist takes on a uestion we tend to want to dodge It is why is there such pervasive interpretive pluralism if what evangelicals say they believe about the Bible is true Smith identifies the problem as biblicism which he defines as a theory of how to read the bible evangelically characterized by ten assumptions 1Divine Writing 2 Total Representation 3 Complete Coverage 4 Democratic Perspicuity 5 Commonsense Hermeneutics 6 Sola Scriptura 7 Internal Harmony 8 Universal Applicability 9 Inductive Method 10 Handbook Model For the sake of space I won t elaborate these Smith argues that if these were workable assumptions for how we should read scripture we would not have the pervasive interpretive pluralism that can be demonstrated by all the three four and five views books on the market Smith argues that this theory fails to take into view the multivocity of scripture and in fact is not evangelical enough Throughout he contends that he is not abandoning the inspiration and authority of the scriptures and he speaks vigorously against liberal Christianity as an alternativeWhat then does he consider to be the alternative While acknowledging his limits as someone writing who works outside the field of theology he proposes that a Christocentric reading of scripture can help us both in helping us distinguish what is central to the scriptures and for what we should be looking as we read them how we approach this book He points us to the fact that scripture is the narrative of God s redemptive work in the person of Christ and all of it points to himThere is much in this proposal I can affirm In fact I think the ideas of internal harmony and perspicuity rightly understood make sense when we understand that Christ is the melody around which all scripture harmonizes that the message of Christ is the clear and simple thing that the workman and the intellectual can both find transforming For that reason I want to be careful in rejecting all that Smith associates with biblicism Inductive study without the centrality of Christ can tend to lead to all sorts of moralistic applications but can also be a form of study that seeks to be attentive to the living Word as he is revealed in the written WordI also think the humility of the mind of Christ should cause us to uestion when we deviate from the reading of scripture through the centuries or to arrogantly denounce the reading of others as flawed when it could be I who has the log in my eye In some matters like church government we might even conclude that the matter has been left to human ingenuity so long as we choose spirit filled people of characterI do think some of the reaction Smith provokes comes in his use of biblicist and biblicism to describe the objects of his critiue I suspect none of those who hold views similar to those Smith critiues see themselves in these terms which seem pejorative I m not sure I know a better term but it may not have been the most helpful for gaining a hearing What I do think Smith does is name the elephant and call us to stop pretending that our models of reading scripture are doing what they say they do It may be neither the fault of the scripture nor the wrongness of our doctrine of scripture but rather the ways we have devised to read scripture in light of doctrine

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The Bible Made Impossible Download µ 2 Christian Smith Þ 2 Read & download Read & download Ò PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Þ Christian Smith Ossible approach to the Bible as an authority and provides constructive alternative approaches to help evangelicals be honest and faithful in reading the Bible Far from challenging the inspiration and authority of Scripture Smith critiues a particular rendering of it encouraging evangelicals to seek a responsible coherent and defensible approach to biblical authori. Book Three of the Cornelius Series While I disagree with Smith s basic premise that the Bible isn t a manual for life he points out serious problems with fundamental evangelical interpretations of scripture we as faulty human beings bring a lot of baggage with us when we interpret the BibleHe argues Sometimes it seems as if believers myself included distract themselves with obscure speculative and cryptic issues related to scripture precisely in order to avoid having to face and act on the parts that are very clear and directive He has a valid point we christians often spend our time sitting around arguing about insignificant details that are actually our opinions rather than confirmed beyond a shadow or doubt truth We would rather draw attention to how smart and spiritual we are than focus on our need to first love God and second to love othersWhile you need to have your roots firmly placed in the inerrancy of scripture before you read this book Smith s rebuking arguments remind us to focus on Christ as the Savior and admit sometimes we just can t understand the mysteries Bible which are beyond our faulty human reasoning

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