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Graham Masterton ¾ 6 Free download The Wells of Hell characters ¸ 106 Me soulless monster A nightmare vision from the bowels of HellFar beneath the town a legacy as old and as evil as Satan a legacy of supernatural force and destruction had returned to claim fresh victims to swell the ranks of a race that sprang straight from the Wells Of He. This is a fun early 80s the copyright is 1979 but I can t find any record of an edition that earlyMasterton horror novel Never let it be said that plumbers don t make good protagonists It s set in the US but still has a definite UK flavor It s reminiscent of many low budget productions of the day and would ve made a good B movie It has a definite Lovecraftian twist and influence particularly noticeable in the underground scenes Masterton is primarily remembered for The Manitou but he wrote some other good stories too and I ll add this one to that list

Summary The Wells of Hell

The Wells of Hell

Graham Masterton ¾ 6 Free download The Wells of Hell characters ¸ 106 New Milford was a peaceful old town where nothing ever happened Until overnight the water turned a hideously sinister colour Then Alison and Jimmy Bodine disappeared and the body of a young woman was discovered the gory remains of an inhuman feast Rumours of the scaly crab. Something is terribly wrong in the small peaceful town of New Milford Connecticut Something in the drinking water And it s turning people into giant homicidal crab creatures who Slightly Spoilery worship Lovecraftian Elder Gods that exist in underground waterways End Spoiler It s up to local plumber and our humble narrator Martin his scientist buddies Dan and Rita and the local sheriff to try and stop what s happeningSo a ridiculously awesome setup from Masterton as usual and it s pretty fun though nothing really separates it from the rest of his oeuvre It s basically a cheesy 80s horror film in book form like most of the work of his that I ve read and I m cool with that It does exactly what it sets out to do and nothing It s not really scary just crazy and over the top as you d expectMasterton is great for when you just want to read a fast moving horror novel with plenty of gross outs and cornball humor which always feels distinctly British even though much of his work takes place in the states He always cuts straight to the chase and has no time for philosophy or even fully realized characters but I for one almost always enjoy him35 Stars

Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¾ Graham Masterton

Graham Masterton ¾ 6 Free download The Wells of Hell characters ¸ 106 Creatures on the outskirts of town had already thrown citizens into a state of total terror but nothing had prepared them for the unimaginable horror of the evil that had worked its way with young Oliver Bodine's body something had changed an innocent child into a loathso. I read THE WELLS OF HELL years ago and loved it It s a rollicking gruesome tale filled with ravenous monsters in other words entertainment at its finest

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