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review The Vintage Bradbury Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB Whose vision of the world is so intense that the objects in it sometimes levitate or glow with otherworldly auras Who but Bradbury could imagine the playroom in which children's fantasies become real enough to kill The beautiful white suit that turns six down and out Chicanos into. my favourite of his collections This is the one he signed for me while we had a nice private chat in Brentano s Paris 6595 A treasure eternal inspiration

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review The Vintage Bradbury Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB Their ideal selves Only Bradbury could make us identify with a man who lives in terror of his own skeleton And if a generic science fiction writer might describe a spaceship landing on Mars only Bradbury can tell us how the Martians see it and the dreamlike visitors from Planet Ear. Ray is the greatest and I love him

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review The Vintage Bradbury Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB The author of Fahrenehit 451 and The Martian Chronicles offers a personal selection of his best stories featuring Dandelion Wine The Illustrated Man The Veldt The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit and twenty other classicsAmerican cousin to Borges and Garcia Maruez Ray Bradbury is a writer. This is the book that got me hooked on everything Bradbury My high school creative writing teacher introduced me to Ray Bradbury with Zen in the Art of Writing I liked it so I figured I d go out and find some of his fiction I had already read Fahrenheit 451 but I think I was too young when I read it for it to make a real impact on me I found this book on the shelves at the local bookstore read it and have been devouring everything by Bradbury that I can get my hands on His voice is so uniue and authentic His prose is so endearing and elouent His imagination is both intimate and larger than life Anyone who loves great literature would be doing themselves a favor by picking up this book but be warned it may lead to many late nights with your nose buried in a book

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  • 06 September 2020
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