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The Pocket Mommy

summary The Pocket Mommy 108 Saying goodbye to Mom at the kindergarten door can be tough Samuel hates it and wishes he could have a tiny pocket sized mommy to carry around with him all day His mom slips a pretend mommy into his pocket and when she comes to life Samuel is delight. My daughter and I read and reviewed this book for Mother Daughter Book Reviews These are excerpts from our reviews You can visit our website for the full reviewsDAUGHTER SAYS This book is about a little boy named Samuel who is going to start kindergarten and he is worried that he is going to miss his mommy So his mom gives him a pocket mommy to keep him company during school But the pocket mommy ends up making big messes So in the end Samuel decides his mom can keep him company at home instead I really liked the cover and the pictures in this book I thought that they were really cute My favorite part in this book was when Samuel first discovered the pocket mommy It would be super cool to have a pocket mommy Overall I thought the book was cute and I really liked the story I think boys and girls 5 to 8 years old would like this bookMOM SAYS The Pocket Mommy is a silly and whimsy filled picture book that lends itself well to being read aloud I m sure many children can relate to the fear and anxiety Samuel experiences as he attends school for the first time The separation anxiety experienced by children of this age is typical in this context and as parents we do all that we can to ease that transition The book is inspired by the author s experience with dropping off her son at kindergarten for the first time It was her son who initially expressed his desire to have a tiny mommy he wished he could keep in his pocket I think this is a sweet concept and I can see that it would provide some comfort to a childThe Pocket Mommy in the story is absolutely hilarious She does all the things mommies typically do as mentioned above and her interference results in many comical situations For example she falls into a a can of flour and gets completely coated Even as she speaks only a tiny white puff of flour escapes her mouth All of the antics of the Pocket Mommy would really hold the attention of a classroom or library circle A group of children read this book by a teacher or librarian would think it is uite a riotThe illustrations by Tom Goldsmith appear to be done in watercolor and they beautifully complement the text The perspectives of the large child and tiny pocket mommy are very well done Children will enjoy flipping through the book The book itself features a hard cover and sturdy pages great uality Of note when unfolded completely the inside of the jacket flap becomes a poster featuring a few images and lines from the book I highly recommend this lovely picture book to kindergarten or early elementary classrooms or library reading circles Ages 3 to 6 We received a copy of this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for our honest opinion All opinions expressed are our own

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summary The Pocket Mommy 108 Ed at first But he soon discovers that having a mom along in kindergarten isn't as much fun as he thought it would be Sure she helps him remember the words to songs and keeps him company But she also rearranges the bookshelf corrects his artwork and. Good book for a child who might be starting off to school or daycare for the first time

review ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF × Rachel Eugster

summary The Pocket Mommy 108 Tries to clean out the guinea pig cage all with disastrous and comic results An energetic romp with a sweet core The Pocket Mommy follows one little boy as he navigates the age old conflict between the comfort of the familiar and the joy of letting g. A little too long to read aloud to a group this one is great lap read for a child with separation anxiety of any sort It s sweet and the humor will definitely appeal to a 5 7 year old

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