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Diane Farr ✓ 0 READ SUMMARY ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Diane Farr CHARACTERS The Nobody Signet Regency Romance Y as a roguish nobleman engaged to the very woman who insulted her She finds herself drawn into a web of frightening intrigue in which the only way out is to trust the desire in her hea. A very enjoyable read I have enjoyed many of Diane Farr s book already and I loved this one just as much as the others The story was very fun and the relationship between the hero and heroine was very fun The adventure aspect of the story was a nice touch and I didn t uite see what was coming which is always nice not to know what is going to happen I look forward to the remainder of her work

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Diane Farr ✓ 0 READ SUMMARY ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Diane Farr CHARACTERS The Nobody Signet Regency Romance Publicly humiliated by the tongue of a snobbish society dragon a comely young country girl flees unescorted into the dark London streets Unwittingly she becomes the savior of an enigmat. Oh what a lovely book I loved every minute I spent reading itThe romance was delightful Caitlin Campbell is a pleasant determined and somewhat outspoken country girl who goes to London for her first season with her shy sweet sister Emily There Caitlin befriends Lady Serena Kilverton a very lively and amiable young lady and the two begin a friendship that will surely last a lifetime Serena doesn t allow others to dictate how she should live her life and whom she should or shouldn t associate with Caitlin may be considered a nobody amongst the ton but Serena doesn t care and apparently neither does her brother Viscount KilvertonI would honestly marry that guy in a heartbeat He was so sweet kind teasing loyal honest respectable elegant tall handsome in short he was perfectThe tension and electricity levels were very high whenever he and Caitlin met She seemed drawn to him he seemed drawn to her ok she was a little bit beneath his station but no one of his family really cared so they can just hit it off and get married right Oh no waitLord Kilverton is already engaged Engaged To a monstrosity bearing the name of Lady Elizabeth Honestly how the heck Kilverton came to chose her as his future bride is beyond me I understand that he needed to marry uickly to have an heir as soon as possible and that he had tried to fall in love but hadn t so he had finally proposed to Lady Elizabeth becausebecause what actually We never really know Or at least I don t remember But all I say is that it is impossible to mistake someone s character as Kilverton mistook Elizabeth sShe is horrible She s like Caroline Bingley from Pride and Prejudice but worse because she doesn t even bother to pretend to like people she detests she just strait up hates everyone and everything and doesn t hesitate in letting anybody know it She spent the whole book complaining Oh pray excuse me while I go change my morning dress to a suitable one for dinner because even though I ve been trying to solve a murder intrigue all day long and I m clearly worn out and fatigued Miss Lady Elizabeth Daughter of a Duke will be offended and possibly cast away from the beau monde if I m not presentable for dinnerI m not even kidding she drove everyone nuts Poor Kilverton badly regrets his hasty decision of asking her to marry him but he sees no way out of it Because if a lady backs out of a proposal no one bats an eyelid but if the gentleman gently seeks to break it everybody loses their minds Seriously Why It seems too unfair Meanwhile our poor Caitie is desperately trying to fight her attraction to Lord Kilverton which is pretty hard considering the perfection of that man I admired Caitlin a lot She didn t have a big part in the story mainly because she has absolutely nothing to do with the murder plot I thought that was very odd The heroine not present to help solving the mystery Hmm I think that s the only thing which dissatisfied me the whole resolution of the intrigue is extremely rushed and the heroine never knows who was the culprit Very odd But as romance is the main subject of The Nobody and since it was so well done with charming secondary romances as well one can easily make amends for the hasty mystery resolveThis novel was very fun and loveable and I strongly recommend to all my fellow Regency readers

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Diane Farr ✓ 0 READ SUMMARY ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Diane Farr CHARACTERS The Nobody Signet Regency Romance Ic man who suddenly approaches and kisses her to evade the violent scoundrels stalking him Terrified and aghast at his audacity she abandons him to his fate only to discover his identit. A charming witty Traditional Regency in the vein of Georgette Heyer I really enjoyed it

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