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The Missing

review The Missing × eBook or Kindle ePUB Jane Casey é 3 free download free download The Missing Ifically it is Sarah who finds Jenny's body beaten and abandoned in the woods near her home As she's drawn into the police investigation and the heart of a media storm Sarah's presence arouses suspicion too But it not just the police who are watching her. A really good book by Jane Casey the plot being about a school teacher whose brother disappeared from their street without trace when he was 14 years old and she was 8 years old She has a difficult life thereafter with her mother who hits the bottle and shuts everyone out although Sarah stays with her out of a sense of obligation So 15 years later Sarah finds the body of one of he 12 year old students while she is out in the woods for a jog and a series of events lead her to be suspect in the girls death The story is told in present day and flash back by Sarah the flash back being a count

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review The Missing × eBook or Kindle ePUB Jane Casey é 3 free download free download The Missing Jenny Shepherd is twelve years old and missingHer teacher Sarah Finch knows better than most that the chances of finding her alive are diminishing with every day she is gone As a little girl her older brother had gone out to play one day and never return. WOW just wow didn t expect the ending at all very unpredictable this mystery novel Very clever the way how this author wrote the whole mystery it makes you understand the past about the disappearance of a little boy in 1992 and how it might influence a cold case with the recent death of a teenage girl in the present day Sarah lost his little brother when she was little 15 years later she is a teacher and discovers a body of a little girl who turns out to be her student Does she knows the secrets that this neighbourhood might had over the years Does she will ever find who killed Jenny

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review The Missing × eBook or Kindle ePUB Jane Casey é 3 free download free download The Missing Ed The strain of never knowing what has happened to Charlie had ripped Sarah's family apart Now in her early twenties she is back living at home trapped with a mother who drinks too much and keeps her brother's bedroom as a shrine to his memory Then horr. Interesting plot A 12 year old boy disappears leaving his younger sister behind to watch her family crumble Fast forward 16 years and the younger sister Sarah is now a teacher When one of her students disappears she becomes caught up in the investigation While this is perfectly plausible and understandable it s still hard to root for Sarah as she makes one stupid decision after the next She s really not likable view spoiler Yet two men fall in love with her Three if you count the teacher whose name I forget Greg Apparently she s beautiful but doesn t know it hide spoiler

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