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Read & Download The Minotaurs Breeding Labyrinth 104 My young into the world They will avenge meAlexa's eyes went wide with shock when she realized what he was asking She shuddered and backed against the wall shaking her head in disbelief I I can't I told you I'm a virginThe Minotaur growled and seized her by the shoulders pulling her close You can girl You will His strong hands sueezed her bare upper arms and she felt him tense as his thick fingertips traced her smooth skinSo young he said almost to himself So tenderYou're hurting me Alexa said PleaseThe Minotaur eased his grip somewhat but one big hand moved down along the front of her chiton He pawed her ripe round bosom through the linen and his breath grew uick and excited as he cupped her left breast and sueezed until Alexa writhed in his grip Her breast ached at his touch but when he pinched her nipple and rolled it between his fingertips she moaned as something awa.

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Read & Download The Minotaurs Breeding Labyrinth 104 When Alexa the daughter of a humble craftsman in ancient Athens is chosen by King Aegeus to go to Crete she doesn't realize that she is to be a virgin sacrifice for the legendary Minotaur But when she's thrown into the dark Labyrinth with six other beautiful virgins and seven mighty Athenian warriors including Prince Theseus she soon finds herself alone in the dark waiting for the Minotaur to find and devour herBut when the beast finally approaches he has other plans for Alexa's nubile virgin body Can she sate the savage beast's monstrous lustWarning This 7300 word egregious misinterpretation of the Greek myth contains explicit adult content including coerced oral sex from a king and rough reluctant sex with a huge half bull monster that gives new meaning to the word hornyExcerptThe Minotaur chuckled a low evil sound You want to leave girl First let me plant my seed Carry.

Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Û Fannie Tucker

Read & Download The Minotaurs Breeding Labyrinth 104 Kened within her the same desire that King Aegeus had kindled on the OlympiosFear threatened to overwhelm Alexa but she knew that the alternative was to enrage this beast by refusing him Even if she could somehow run past him and lose herself in the Labyrinth it was huge She doubted she could find the staircase she'd come down earlier never mind any hope of finding the exitAnd although she didn't want to admit it to herself she loved the way this monster was touching her breast not with the timid fumblings of a boy but with the unfettered hunger of a beast She put her own hand over the Minotaur's and clutched at his fingers She meant to pull them away but he increased the pressure on her nipple until it blossomed into a dull throb and she pulled his hand against her breast insteadAlexa looked up at the beast with big pleading eyes You'll have to show me what to do she sai.

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