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  • The Melody [Feb 08, 2018] Crace, Jim
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  • 10 June 2019
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Free read ¹ The Melody Feb 08, 2018 Crace, Jim 100 Nor self wear on the cover or pages Sale restriction may be printed on the book but Book name c. I approached this book with some trepidation after the extremely upsetting Harvest I am pleased to say I found it very enjoyable and it tackles many themes most of which resonated with me The way it tackles old age is masterly the main character has lost his wife and goes on to lose his much loved house and his musical talents By the end he isn t even allowed to play the piano because the neighbours complain The details of his relationship with his wife are very moving Many of the possible themes of old age are here younger people after your money the decay of your surroundings and your own appearance living in the past than the present being unable to get outside and feeling out of step with developments in the world around you If you don t have children you feel sad about it but if you are a parent your children don t always turn out as you would hopeThere is also an older woman character Terina whose background is very interesting and allows some good observations on sisterhood and motherhoodThe book is set in the sort of coastal European town I remember from childhood Crace writes really well about the development of the town the have and have nots and gives lots of lovely descriptions of life there The clearance of unwanted homeless people and animals is recognisable from real life news stories eg dogs for the olympics homeless for the royal wedding The descriptions of the forest and the animals real or otherwise are also good He captures how uncomfortable we can be in the wilderness at the endOverall definitely worth reading

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Free read ¹ The Melody Feb 08, 2018 Crace, Jim 100 Ontents and author are exactly same as Hardcover Edition Fast delivery through DHLFedEx express. The author is still a master his narrative of guilt and attempted redemption remains haunting and true

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Free read ¹ The Melody Feb 08, 2018 Crace, Jim 100 Please Read Notes Brand New International Softcover Edition Printed in black and white pages mi. The Melody by Jim Crace is a recommended allegorical tale about ageing urban renewal family conflict and griefAlfred Busi is a famous singer in his sixties living in his family s villa overlooking the sea in unnamed town He still occasionally performs but mostly for small crowds He is still mourning the recent death of his wife His town is going to honor him the next evening when he is attacked by an intruder He thinks it was a wild feral child while his sister in law who comes over to bandage him up thinks it was a cat This attack and a news account of the attack along with pictures of Busi in bandages sets off a chain of events including a drive to rid the town of the poor after Busi was subseuently mugged Busi also has to handle his nephew who wants him to sell his villa so seaside condos can be built on the landFirst the prose is distinct and startling at times with uniue descriptions His first attacker is described as something fierce and dangerous wild and innocent with smooth skinned that smells like potato peel It creates a visceral image that sticks in your mind The setting the rich against the poor was certainly a morality tale for our time The narrator is removed from the story simply telling the story until we learn his identity later in the book Crace is as he describes himself a fabulistBut even with parts that were amazing I m going to admit that this was a tough story for me to get through There were parts that were intriguing and brilliant but other sections simply didn t hold my attention I appreciated the reflections on grief and the loss of his wife I wanted to love The Melody but it ended up just being an average novel with bits of brillianceDisclosure My review copy was courtesy of Knopf Doubleday