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Summary The Mask Collectors

Ruvanee Pietersz Vilhauer Í 4 characters Free read ó The Mask Collectors At anyone expects Oddly the death scene reminds anthropologist Duncan McCloud of a thovile a Sri Lankan ritual he’s spent years studyingWhen Duncan’s new employer a pharmaceutical giant sends him overseas under shadowy pretenses and his wife Dr Grace McCloud starts to receive anonymous warnings to doubt everyone and everything the threads of a sweeping conspiracy be Misleading Title This is a weird medical mystery It is NOT a suspenseful thriller about strange dark ritual ceremonies using masks exorcism of demons and spirits although it refers to them In addition the intriguing masks are only hanging on an office wall in the USA and are clues that appear in a photograph Really What a bait and switch The title is so very intriguing The author writes a gorgeous travelogue of Sri Lanka however that s not uite the book I was expecting

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The Mask Collectors

Ruvanee Pietersz Vilhauer Í 4 characters Free read ó The Mask Collectors An investigation into murder becomes a dance with the devil in a breakthrough novel of illusion conspiracy and beliefThe alumni of an international boarding school have gathered at a campground in rural New Jersey when a scream breaks the silence of the woods Classmates are shocked to find journalist Angie Osborne suddenly dead The medical examiner’s report isn’t wh DNF 10%I usually try to read than 10% before abandoning a book but in this case I struggled to read the very first few pages and I know that my opinion of the book won t improve further along the way so I am calling it uitsI love the cover the title and the summary is intriguing enough My issue is the writing style What should have straightforward scenes or observations seemed to be written by Yoda The opening chapter is needlessly confounding almost as if the author euates lack of clarity with a suspenseful atmosphereI doubt that the writing style will drastically change so I am doing myself a favour by putting this book on the side

Ruvanee Pietersz Vilhauer Í 4 characters

Ruvanee Pietersz Vilhauer Í 4 characters Free read ó The Mask Collectors Gin to unravel Risking than their own lives Duncan and Grace embark on a treacherous journey through occult ceremonies and their own hidden pasts to discover a secret worth killing forIn taut precise language Ruvanee Pietersz Vilhauer’s debut novel The Mask Collectors tells a story about deception the power of belief and what is left unspoken between husbands and wive Interesting concept about placebo drugs and a shady drug company but the core mystery lost focus with side plots and unnecessary characters Why does Grace the wife study the ovaries of flies We hear about her fly dissections numerous times throughout the book and the author creepily mentions she needs the ovaries but we never learn why or how this even relates to the story The characters of Marla and the neighbor Gordon are annoying and don t really advance the plot several paragraphs are wasted on interactions with them One of the main mysteries we as the reader are faced with is a voicemail Grace receives from Angie the woman who dies at the beginning of the book We finally hear the voicemail than halfway through the book and it is so stupid and isn t really helpful to figuring out why she got murdered The storyline in Sri Lanka is far fetched and the ending is too conveniently wrapped up

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