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The Freedom Summer Murders

The Freedom Summer Murders review ↠ 103 A gripping true story of murder and the fight for civil rights and social justice in 1960s MississppiOn June 21 1964 three young men were killed by the Ku Klux Klan for trying to help black Americans vote as part of the 1964 Fredom Summer registration effort in Mississippi The disappearance and br. Many people feel that this country is not yet at the place where the killing of a black mother s son is as important as the killing of a white mother s son But the United States is closer to that goal than it was in 1964 In the wake of tragic events across the country from the Trayvon Martin case to that of the riots in Ferguson MO Mitchell s biography could not come at a important time Thoroughly researched and organized in a fast paced rea interwoven with photos and other primary documents the book documents the lives of three young men in their early twenties 2 white 1 black from diverse backgrounds who were victims of the KKK while volunteering as teachers and community organizers in Mississippi during the 1964 Freedom Summer movement Many students will be familiar with the civil rights movement and the icons and organizations involved However this story delves deeper into lesser known but just as significant individuals whose legacy continues to impact our laws and society today In fact this story s connection between the past and present concluding with a trial in 2005 is what makes this story uniuely appealing to contemporary audiences Perfect for teens interested in everything from activism and community service to readers with a taste for mystery and true crime Note of local interest Oxford OH is an important setting in the books as a training site for what was then known as Western College for Women WCW later merged with Miami University where the author also studied Highly Recommended Purchase MiddleHigh School

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The Freedom Summer Murders review ↠ 103 S forty one year pursuit of a conviction It is the story of idealistic and courageous young people who wanted to change their county for the better It is the story of black and white And ultimately it is the story of our nation's endless struggle to close the gap between what is and what should be. In the book The Freedom Summer Murders the reader learns about the murders of three civil rights workers by the Klu Klux Klan that took place in the summer of 1964 Andrew Goodman James Chaney and Michael Schwerner all in their twenties were the victims The background leading up to the murders is described in the beginning Then the crime is depicted which attests to the brutality of the Klu Klux Klan Following this the lives of the victims are recounted One reads of the events that occured after the murders how the country reacted and the outcomes of the trials that were held It is a book that rings with truth justice and the determination of the civil rights worker to create freedom for all American citizens in the mid 1900 s This book had many aspects that I like about it The book was to the point never veering off track to another topic It helped me realize how terrible conditions were for black people throughout the history of the United States many times today general statements are said with little explanation of the trials black people endured The book informs readers of a specific murder case that can give people perspective of the society back then The book shows the strength and endurance of civil rights workers throughout this time It conveys the vile ugly hate that the Klu Klux Klan had towards black people and those who tried to help them It s an amazing eye opener to the courage that many Americans had to create euality in the sixties and the hatred that many other Americans had for their fellow citizens One of the aspects I disliked was that the book was monotone for many parts This is due to it being a nonfiction book I usually know how characters feel on the inside when I read a fiction novel but in this book only the events that occurred and what people said over the issues are described It s a different style of writing and I don t find it entertaining I also dislike the author s choice on how to organize the information It surprised me when the events of the murder were over in the first few chapters and then the lives of the victims were described I felt that the book was out of order I believe that it would have been better to write of the victims lives then the crime and then the events that followed I give this book four stars because it is interesting to read about the murders of these three young men and it is written well The author presented strong arguments discussing the evil of racists and the strength of those willing to fight for justice It keeps the memory of the three civil rights workers alive reminding people today how terrible society was in the sixties This book is missing a star because I didn t enjoy reading this book It was okay but it didn t have a plot that had me dying to turn each page like in a fiction novel I would recommend this to someone who wants to learn about United States history but not to someone who s looking for a book to read for fun

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The Freedom Summer Murders review ↠ 103 Utal murders of James Chaney Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner caused a national uproar and was one of the most significant events of the civil rights movement The Freedom Summer Murders tells the tragic story of these brave men the crime that resulted in their untimely deaths and the relentles. As famous civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr once said The time is always right to do what is right These words of wisdom reflect the journey for a better world in the nonfiction thriller The Freedom Summer Murders by Don Mitchell In a time where people were judged on the color of their skin it took courage to stand up to this age old system James Earl Chaney Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman were three men who saw the injustices in society and stood up to make a change These three men channel the virtues that all of us should carry with us today courage passion and perseverance The three men head to Mississippi to assist in a program known as the Freedom Summer a program to bring suffrage to people of color Then the plot thickens as the men are reported missing and soon after dead Follow the investigation of a century to bring justice to three men who wanted to see a better world This is a great page turner that I recommend to all especially those who want a break from monotone non fiction Many hold a brazen point of view when it comes to non fiction as it being a boring monotone summary of a happening but Mitchell shatters that mold bringing an intense novel on an excellent subject The story unfolds with introduction of the three main protagonists These men for the most part are pretty average from humble backgrounds They all come together and connect one hot summer in Mississippi In Mississippi civil rights leaders were organizing a movement known as the freedom summer The freedom summer project had one goal in mind gain black suffrage Unfortunately for these men that was the last thing the people of Mississippi and the KKK were willing to give up Soon the men are reported missing with seemingly not a trace of their disappearance After investigators pick up on the trail the men s bodies are found in horrific condition and all the signs point to murder From that point on the book turns into a fast paced investigation to bring justice and find the killer before it s too lateThe characters in the book Andrew Goodman James Earl Chaney and Michael Schwerner are three very uniue characters All of the men although from similar backgrounds display much of the same traits All of the men are courageous as well as passionate In fact they put their passion of civil rights even in front of the judgement of the ones they love While not all people hold their beliefs this high I imagine that some would find this trait relatable Antagonising characters such as Police Chief Cecil Price are given characteristics that infuriate the reader and overall make those characters seem like unlikable people The author s descriptions and background information of the characters help the reader better understand not only why the protagonists put themselves in danger for their cause but also why antagonists acted in the bigoted way they didThroughout the novel there is one outlying theme which is defend what you think to be right Basically from the start the author introduces this theme as he gives the reader background on the heroic journey the main characters have to take to the point of losing their lives The author reiterates this throughout the novel telling how even when their lives were in the most danger they would not back away from the challenge Finally the author at the end reinstates that the characters impact and legacy will live on forever due to their persistence defending what they sought to be justMitchell s tone throughout the novel is for the most part formal However he focuses on the informational aspect of a formal tone than the solem aspect While his tone is not upbeat it also is not as serious as one would expect for this grave of a topic With this tone I found the author to be very effective at getting his point across He did not use humor or collouial language and kept composed in his writing with the primary goal of informing his audience This formal tone comes especially in handy when the author is describing legal scenes as the author is able to stay serious about his topic and not show any partiality The conflict of this story is a very interesting concept For many stories similar to this the conflict is often the main character s murder with a lot of rising action building to that point However this book starts right away with announcing that the main characters ended up dead This led to the new conflict being completely focused on who the killer was and bringing him to justice There are both pros and cons to this writing By writing like this the author does lose the potential to build up some drama leading up to the murder of the men However by starting his book like this Mitchell is able to focus on the conflict he wants to zero in on which is the investigation of the murders This story s conflict also is rather intriguing as it stretches the resolution to the plot over a period of forty years which is rather uncommon for many books In summary the Freedom Summer Murders by Don Mitchell is a very fast paced intriguing book The novel has an excellent plot which not only thoroughly develops the characterization of the protagonists but also the antagonists There is also a solemn theme defend what you think is right in this case to the point of death This theme is reiterated throughout the novel and is very clear to the reader The tone the author chooses allows the author to be serious and impartial and uickly get out the information needed Perhaps the best part of the book however is its uniue approach to the conflict Instead of building up to the murders of the main characters the author jumps straight into it focusing on the investigation aspect of the story This is an excellent novel for those who want a historical thriller with a uniue setup

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