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The Devil You Know

Liz Carlyle ☆ 3 characters review The Devil You Know 103 Than in the arms of the dashing rogue Bentley Hell Bent Rutledge So what if he's a rake scoundrel and all round devilScandal trails in Bentley's wake and fair maidens usually steer well clear of him and vice versa But when the opportunity presents itself Bentley can't resist This entire series was very good and Bentley s book was no exception He and Freddie made a fantastic couple You knew throughout the book that there was something a bit off with Bentley but he hid it so well Then we started figuring it out that he had a secret that was going to possibly tear the family apart Meanwhile he keeps a cool distance from his new wife but he can t keep his distance or his hands to himself in the bedroom Those scenes were very hot This was a great ending to the trilogy and why I said it was like good mac and cheese nice solid and satisfying But it is actually a bit than that yes it started out like a typical regency romance with a standard troupe but it didn t end up like one I won t give away anything else because it is too important to the overall story I would read the series in order so you can appreciate the overall story arc

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Liz Carlyle ☆ 3 characters review The Devil You Know 103 Frederica d'Avillez is sure she will never marry She's had a disastrous London season and now her longtime beau has thrown her over for a eligible miss But if Freddie can't have a husband she's hell bent on experiencing at least one night of unforgettable passion Where better The Devil You Know is not something that you read for pleasure because I felt so many things while reading the novel pain agony shock frustration and pleasure was definitely not one of them I m putting this out in the open right now this is not a happy story at least not my idea of happy The angst here is so intense that it seemed over the top already It is devastatingly dark and so overwhelmingly realistic that it will make you cry God knows I cried enough while reading it Both the heroine and the hero were flawed Freddie was strong but frustratingly reckless Despite that flaw she was able to redeem herself by the end of the bookAnd BentleyOh God where do I start Bentley was just extremely complicated I feel so conflicted about him because over the course of the novel I have grown to hate and love him at the same time with the same intensity I felt really bad for Freddie because Bentley was such an asshole at times than an asshole really but hell I can t believe I m saying this he was a justified asshole I understand that he had his reasons for acting the way he did but that doesn t stop me from wishing that he could have acted differently He broke my heart so many times I actually lost count And you know what I m not entirely convinced that he was even worth all that crap He definitely did not redeem himself in the end Sigh If I were Freddie I would have left him ages ago So why exactly did I give this a 3 star rating Well I guess it s because I respect the fact that it s the kind of book that makes you feel things whether you want to or not I also appreciate that it s so beautifully written Ms Liz Carlyle should be proud of not only her flawless writing style but also of her ability to weave such such a realistic and complex tale It can get too realistic at times though so if you re looking for a fun light read move along

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Liz Carlyle ☆ 3 characters review The Devil You Know 103 Freddie's exotic beauty When their wild reckless passion has dire conseuences Bentley is forced to choose between honor and freedom And Freddie soon realizes that Bentley's devil may care fa├žade is just that for she has unwittingly unleashed his dark secretsand secret desir This is one of the best historical romance I ve read in years It s also the first book I ve read in months that I simply couldn t put down I read it straight through late into the night The writing dialogue and setting are all nearly flawless and I loved the Hero and Heroine though secondary characters could have been better developed Much if not most of the book reads from Bentley s perspective which I greatly enjoyed and made for some exceedingly hot sex scenes At this point I m a bit burnt out on romance as a genre most sexy writing doesn t have much of an effect I imagine this is similar to porn burn out for men This book has both enough sex but not too much and it actually succeeds in its purposeThe accuracy of the sex this is after all a rather Puritanical place and time was spot on not mere modern romance sex thrust into an older time period It actually fits the era and Carlyle uses clever devices to introduce racy sex Roughnesspassion abound and rarely is the sex over the top it s just very very good without being unrealistic A few phrases bothered me a bit of exaggeration the repeated plumbing her depths which in combination with other descriptions reminded me of tongue rapists I ve had the misfortune of kissing some laughable analogies but the for the most part the smut evaded cheesiness and sometimes the hyperbole struck me as hilariously tongue in cheek Bentley is just the sort of rake who s insanely hot and a little scary in a skin shivering gasp inducing manner without being TOO typical He s a bad boy and love changes him but in a believable fashionIn addition to sex this story has true romance not common in the genre which evolves naturally None of that love at first sight business though of course the characters share an immediate electric chemistry Both the jaded rather damaged Hero and naive Heroine must struggle to make their relationship work and to love each other As a result their eventual success is all the sweeter and the emotional moments in the book truly made my heart ache and leap without ever inducing eye rolling Carlyle tailors the combination of love romance and sex to appeal expertly to the female psycheI won t spoil you but the plot mixes predictability and utter surprise well compelling propelling the reader onwards The general premise is a bit shocking and hot and uniue and most of the book deals with the conseuences of the opening event so even though another major plot point slowly builds later in the book I was completely surprised by the final reveal and I ve never read that particular plot device in any context I m sure it s not uniue but it s very original in this setting and explains earlier behaviour nicely I m sure I ll be reading this book again which is rare for me especially in romance

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