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  • Paperback
  • 188
  • The Bay of the Nightingales
  • Essie Summers
  • English
  • 13 August 2018
  • 9780373014453

Essie Summers ê 1 SUMMARY

SUMMARY ï The Bay of the Nightingales T Pierre Laveroux persisted in believing that her motive was a sinister one Which. I read Harleuin Romances by the crateload when I was in high school some 40 years agoa friend of mine just moved to New Zealand and has been sending back photos and I took a hankering to read some of the Essie Summers books again as my early impression of New Zealand where I have yet to travel was formed I was curious about the descriptions of the landscape mainly The landscapes as described by Summers do seem to fit the photos that I ve been seeing The story was pretty ridiculous even for an admittedly formulaic romance The whole thing hinges on a misunderstanding that could not possibly have been sustained than 10 minutes so we either have to think that the main character is an idiot or that pretty much everyone else is Definitely did not hold up on a second read

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SUMMARY ï The Bay of the Nightingales Was a pity as Margot would so much have preferred him to have a good opinion of he. A letter from her recently deceased uncle turns Margot s life upside down literally Learning that she may have a father living in New Zealand who is unaware of her existence she travels there to see if she can at least determine his circumstances But fate steps in with the perfect job for her helping to open and operate a small museum


SUMMARY ï The Bay of the Nightingales Margot Chesterton had travelled to New Zealand to look for her long lost father bu. I feel like a should have liked this It had all the things I like in an Essie Summer s but it sort of annoyed me that she thought she loved her boyfriend than he loved her When she s met the hot new guy and finds herself thinking of him and missing him and still thinks the ex was the love of her life A bit TSTLOther than that I enjoyed the read and the cast of characters Loved the hero Pierre who was part French and a bit passionate about everything This was pretty much the story He misunderstands something flies off the handle but is over it uickly when he finds out the truth Margot is less forgiving which is probably just as well or they would have been married in chapter two It was obvious Pierre was smittenThe sub plot about Margot searching for her father was uite nicely done and very satisfactory A nice story but didn t get me excited