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Surviving Raine Read ê 100 She writes Fiction with Teeth HA Nothing cocky about the truth my friends I guarantee that is maybe the only accurate way to sum up the dark unsettling exciting unapologetic fascinating shocking frank graphic primal crude sexy at times horrific consistently compelling experience that is Surviving Raine Elizabeth Sweptawaybyromancecom There are moments in Surviving Raine that will make you laugh make you cry and make your heart and other parts clench This is one you will definitely want to put on your TBR list Kassie and Lauren fics2flicksc. 45 StarsWho would say no to an inestimable period of self isolation if it meant getting stranded on an island with Sebastian Stark who was the very definition of a damaged good with pockets of sweetness and who would give you special treatments such as giving you free lessons on how to survive on a lifeboat and keeping you alive with his resourcefulness protecting you from any kind of danger with his deadly fighting skills helping you maintain your feminine hygiene including but not limited to view spoilershaving your armpits and legs sacrificing his boxer briefs for you building you a self made fresh water generator type of thing hide spoiler

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Surviving Raine Read ê 100 There's a moment when it comes to amazing books where you realize that the book you're reading completely and irrevocably owns you Surviving Raine has that moment Ash the Book Snob As the captain of a schooner catering to the elite on the Caribbean Seas Sebastian Stark does his best to avoid any human encounters Interacting with people isn't his thing and he prefers the company of a bottle of vodka a shot glass and maybe a whore There's no doubt he's hiding from a checkered past but he does well keeping everything to himself until the night. 5 STARS Your body can survive in amazing situations you just have to convince your mind to do what you tell it to do What A Story Surviving Raine was an amazing heartfelt emotional gripping and unforgettable story that simply blew me away For the day and a half it took me to read this book it completely consumed my thoughts And even now after having finished it I often still think about it Yes that s just how good this book was Surviving Raine is a story about two people having to survive together on a tiny life raft after their ship has capsized They have to suffer through all the harsh conditions that come with surviving a shipwreck starvation dehydration infections but the toughest aspect to survive might not be the physical conditions but the emotional journey both survivors have to go through Sebastian Stark Sebastian Bastian Stark is the captain of The Oblivion a ship that sails it s passengers on their vacation throughout the Caribbean SeasBastian is rude crude crass and the perfect epitome of badass He s not a people s person not at all He much prefers the company of a pack of cigarettes a bottle of vodka and a whore every now and thenHe s used to caring about no one but himself but when his ship capsizes and he is stuck on a life raft with one of his female passengers his sense of responsibility kicks in and he becomes uickly aware that from now on his safety isn t the only one he needs to care about any For once it wasn t just me I needed to look after There was the annoying uestioning tiny little piece of seriously feminine soft brown eyed doesn t take my shit fucking beautiful young woman who didn t stand a chance on her own that I needed to protectAt first Bastian and Raine don t get along very well They argue a lot Bastian suffers from alcohol withdrawal and since there s no else to take it out on Raine is often the victim of one of his outrages outbursts Well is there something I can do to help with that she asked or are you just going to yell at me all the timeThat was it I couldn t hold my temper back any longerYeah there is something you can do I said coldly turning my glare at her Come here and blow me That would probably ease a bit of my tension especially if you swallowYeah I know I couldn t believe I said it eitherWell at least Bastian knew what an ass he could be at times and I have to admit despite him being mean and cruel in the beginning after a while he grew on me I liked his direct approach of things and the fact that despite his hard exterior deep down he s actually a nice person with a big hart he just doesn t know how to show itAnd then there s sweet innocent Raine GayleShe s pretty much the complete opposite of Bastian she s caring compassionate and just downright a good person Everything Bastian is not Still she finds herself drawn to him and when both of them start opening up about their past they start to grow closer to each otherAnd you know two people spending days alone with each other thinking that they might never make it out of their messed up situation alive that s bound to create some sexual tension and trust me there were some serious HOT and sexy scenes between the two of them I could do it you know I heard myself say My voice had dropped low but I knew she still heard me I leaned over only a little bringing my mouth closer to her ear I could make you come without touching youBut despite the fact that they start to grow comfortable around each other Bastian finds it hard to let himself be vulnerable around Raine His past makes it hard for him to trust anyone other than himself and he s afraid that if he opens himself up to her he ll never be able to survive Raine if he ever were to lose her Please stop shutting me out I never let you in baby I want to Raine I said uietly I want to let you in I just don t know if I can Bastian is such an interesting character and I loved that the entire story was written in his point of view He s made a lot of mistakes in his life but it was touching to see how being with Raine changed him and how it made him want to be a better personLuckily the story ends with an implied HEA but the very last chapter does give the impression that Raine and Bastian s adventure isn t over yet and that there might even be a follow up to the story So long as men can breathe or eyes can seeSo long lives this and this gives life to theeI give you my life my love my soul I swore to her As long as I m breathing I m yours Even when I m nothing than a fucked up dick I still love you Shay Savage has written a uniue captivating and intriguing story that will stay with me for a very long time and that I would highly recommend everyone to read Surviving Raine is the first story I ve read by her and I already know it won t be my last ARC kindly provided by the author and happily received in exchange for an honest review

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Surviving Raine Read ê 100 His schooner capsizes and he's stuck on a life raft with one of the passengers Raine's young she's cute and Bastian would probably be into her if he wasn't suffering from alcohol withdrawal As the days pass DTs starvation and dehydration become the norm Even the most closed person starts to open up when he thinks he's going to die but when she realizes their traumatic pasts are connected it's no longer the elements that have Bastian concerned He has no idea how he's going to Survive Raine Shay Savage's website almost cockily proclaims that. There s a moment when it comes to amazing booksWhether you find it in the middle of a sentence the last page of a chapter or when that titanium paper like wire of sexual tension finally gives It s the moment where you realize that the book you re reading completely and irrevocably owns youSo I m going to do the one thing I hate doing I m going to spoil this book for you by telling you that this book It has that momentYou re going to set it down And then you re going to find yourself picking it right back up five minutes later if you can last that long personally I only made to about 45 Because you just can t be away from it for any long increments of timeIt s the kind of book that s going to make you have a very intimate relationship with your coffee maker while simultaneously making you divorce your sparkly alarm clockThis is your only warning image error

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