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Read & download ¼ Superheroes 102 Four color panels of comic books to fiction reminding every adult of the child within who ever wanted to wear a cape and cowl. New Release I received a copy of this book from Netgalley for the purpose of reviewPremise A new anthology of fiction based around the title themeFrom other reviews of this book I expected to like it a bit than I did but I did still enjoy it Like most anthologies this was a mixed bag The first few especially I thought were just fine nothing too exciting The last one I found long meandering annoying and pointlessIn general I think the target market for this book are people with a casual knowledge of superheroes but who aren t really hardcore comic fans For example I enjoyed The Illustrated Biography of Lord Grimm which followed the average citizens of a country ruled by a supervillain and Tonight We Fly about an aging hero but these aren t any inventive or interesting than stories that have already been told with Dr Doom or in Astro City Not necessarily less interesting either but I didn t feel like new ground was being brokenThere were some stories I really liked though Wild Cards about a Federal Unit investigating a criminal with a superpower was pretty great and Dirae by Peter S Beagle was tremendously evocative and had lovely prose Also Dr Death vs the Vampire and Super Family were both pretty solid superhero stories The Biggest had a great retro styleI overall enjoyed this collection but it suffered for me from comparison with some of the great comic writing I ve read over the years Also I found the foreword highly pretentious and it lowered my expectations for the whole enterprise Still some strong stories some weak and the majority good but not great3 Stars A Good Book

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Read & download ¼ Superheroes 102 Tempered with flaws And now find within these pages tales by gifted and award winning authors who move superheroes from the. Let me preface this by saying I am lazy Combine that with how long I took to get around to this review and the fact that a couple of the stories I d already read in other compilations and I m just not even going to try to give my thoughts on every one of these stories Instead I m going to hit the highlights of what was actually a pretty solid collectionFirst I have to give pride of place to Peter Beagle s Dirae I love Beagle s writing I think he s seemed like a wonderful person each time I ve had the pleasure of meeting him and his work than most has inspired my own writing as well as my personal taste and standards for readingDirae is an unusual story sometimes hard to follow but not in a bad way It s about a vigilante who somewhat Winter Soldier like can t remember anything between the end of one fight and the beginning of another But as time goes on bits start to stick with the character leading to uestions of purpose and identity and eventually what reality is for them I found it to be deeply compelling Definitely worth the readPerhaps my favorite narrative out of the bunch was Downfall by Joseph Mallozzi It talks about a former villain who s set on a right path and tries to settle into a normal life until he s called on to help the law deal with one of his old comrades I really enjoyed the main character in this one and when this was over I found myself wanting mooooooore I was disappointed to find I can t go buy a book by this guy but I may have to check out the Dark Matter comicWonjjang and the Madman of Pyongyang is probably the most superhero y of the stories and another really enjoyable one an international superhero team facing evil madmen and economic problems There were several other great stories and a few that didn t do it for me as well as the obligatory Superman fanfic that seems to be in every superhero shorts collection

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Read & download ¼ Superheroes 102 Superheroes modern gods and goddesses remote revered but like the pantheon of heroes and heroines of ancient myth great power. Most short story collections follow the same pattern for me most stories are middle of the road some good and some bad The good and bad stories usually cancel out and you are left with a nice middle of the road book This one had the usual number of middle of the road and bad stories just none that stood out as good to me If you like superhero fiction and are looking for some new reads then give this a try but to me it gets a not recommended

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