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free read Substitute Bride ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Margaret Pargeter free read Substitute Bride Laimed and it would be a way of escaping her life of impoverished drudgeryAll Emma had to do was sustain her dislike of him And that was when her problems bega. This isn t really a 5 star book by any modern romance standard but it was kind of awesome for what it was Good angst fun misunderstanding and then good hero groveling at the end Love these idiotic old premises where a 19 year old heroine who is actually uite beautiful is somehow rendered plain and so plain that multiple people feel free to tell her that to her face by hard farm work And when she just relaxes a bit eats a little all of that food apparently goes straight to her breasts and has a few facials she s suddenly drop dead gorgeous Anyway this one is pure fun in a terrible 1980s romance way complete with spanking and made me smile I enjoyed it

read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Margaret PargeterSubstitute Bride

free read Substitute Bride ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Margaret Pargeter free read Substitute Bride From the back cover of the 1983 Harleuin editionI'll marry you instead he told herRick Conway would go to any lengths to get his revenge on Emma's beautiful bu. OK this is scary I rated this three stars the first time I read it Why I Do Not Know This is an angst fest with an asshat of such epic proportions that it could easily be a 4 star for those of you old skool fans It s not often than you get such a SOB rat bastard paired up with such a spineless wuss of a doormat h The male protagonist hardly ualifies as an H needs to die a slow and painful death Getting staked to an ant hill is too easy for this bastard When he first meets the downtrodden almost starving martyred Cinderella h he tells her how plain she is Not just once Oh no he drives it home This while waiting for his lying bitchy tramp of a fiancee the evil step cousin to Cindy Mary Sue The evil one arrives with her smarmy boy toy and makes the stupid one pretend to be the one dating said boy toy After some dancing and some lying the H gets a clue that his darling is not his darling since she s snuck off to Paris to have a dirty weekend with the boy toy The H strong arms literally strong arms the h into marrying him He wants REVENGE and doesn t want to be embarrassed when he returns to his island and doesn t have a bride In a brief lucid moment the h says why not say that YOU changed your mind about marrying That s too easy Why insert rational thought into the story at this point anywaySome really heartwarming and charming slut shaming happens which the idiot h could have stopped if she had just said No really I m not a slut I m the downtrodden worker bee of the farm That boy toy that talked smack about me was HER boy toy But she doesn t We find out later that this was her opportunity to leave the farm Back at the island the H stands by while his stepmother and stepsister sneer at the h at ever opportunity as well as all his friends After a party where he virtually ignores her she realizes she may be falling in love Shoot me now Right nowHe leaves for Canada While gone she gains back some of the weight she lost working herself to a frazzle on the family farm and men fall out of the trees to fall in love with her This includes the H s stepbrother None of the women on the island happy about this including the in your face OWMore stupid crap happens I don t care to go into but the H s opinion slips even lower if that s possible and he ships her to an even remote island She s okay with it cause it s not like anyone other than her swains are nice to her and they are getting too handsy and want to marry her The H arrives and does another round of You evil slut then a forced seduction you say forced seduction I say rape Potato patahto let s call the whole thing off Yeah I know eye roll It took him long enough She succumbs to the mastery of it all and he realizes that he s made a big mistake because apparently her hymen was intact The next day he is actually polite nice It s such a turnaround the heroine is than a little suspicious of his motives One could hardly blame her as he hasn t had one nice thing to say to her when he is not ignoring her The ubiuitous evil other woman shows up with his bitchy step sis and all hell eventually breaks loose Then HEAJust once just once I wanted the h to lean over to the step whatever or evil OW and say Why are you such a bitch Forget the H He was irredeemable

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free read Substitute Bride ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Margaret Pargeter free read Substitute Bride T faithless cousin And though Emma was thunderstruck and offended at his cold proposal she soon overcame her scruplesIt would be a temporary arrangement Rick c. Spineless and pathetic heroineRe reading this let me see if I still feel the same way as beforeOpinion has not changed after reading again

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