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  • Hardcover
  • 350
  • Stories from Jonestown
  • Leigh Fondakowski
  • English
  • 01 December 2018
  • 9780816678082

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SUMMARY ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Leigh Fondakowski CHARACTERS ´ Stories from Jonestown Leigh Fondakowski ´ 0 CHARACTERS Rs and brothers and sisters As these survivors look back we learn what led them to join the Peoples Temple movement what life in the church was like and how the trauma of Jonestown’s end still affects their lives decades laterWhat emerges are portrayals both haunting and hopeful of unimaginable sadness guilt and shame but also resilience and redemption Weaving her own artistic journey of discovery throughout the book in a compelling historical context Fondakowski delivers with both empathy and clarity one of the most gripping moving and humanizing accounts of Jonestown ever writte I can t really put into words the way this book made me feel Human suffering is of course vast and complex The pain experienced by those linked to the Jonestown massacre is unimaginable What is imaginable is the pain that lead individuals to become linked to the Peoples Temple racism neglect abuse domestic violence addiction poverty sexism and all the miseries humanity knows wellThis book is not primarily about the leader of The Peoples Temple It is about the ordinary people that sought a better answer to society The people in Jonestown established at least temporarily an egalitarian utopia with self sustaining agriculture soap and candle making in the jungle music dancing cooking teaching everyone to read a

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Stories from Jonestown

SUMMARY ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Leigh Fondakowski CHARACTERS ´ Stories from Jonestown Leigh Fondakowski ´ 0 CHARACTERS The saga of Jonestown didn’t end on the day in November 1978 when than nine hundred Americans died in a mass murder suicide in the Guyanese jungle While only a handful of people present at the agricultural project survived that day in Jonestown than eighty members of Peoples Temple led by Jim Jones were elsewhere in Guyana on that day and thousands members of the movement still lived in California Emmy nominated writer Leigh Fondakowski who is best known for her work on the play and HBO film The Laramie Project spent three years traveling the United States to interview these survi Stories from Jonestown is such an amazing book and an important one Oftentimes the stories of the people are ignored behind the sensational story of Jim Jones himself an eccentric bombastic and maniacal con artist whose promise of a socialist paradise led hundreds to isolation abuse and eventually death Who are these hundreds of people Sadly we will never know because so many lives were ended but the survivors remain to share their storiesThis book sheds light on the idea that perhaps there was to Jonestown than just brainwashing that racism hate crimes fear and violence all played a huge part This gives some historical context to Jonestown which is often overlooked Jonestown might have been at the tail e

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SUMMARY ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Leigh Fondakowski CHARACTERS ´ Stories from Jonestown Leigh Fondakowski ´ 0 CHARACTERS Vors many of whom have never talked publicly about the tragedy Using than two hundred hours of interview material Fondakowski creates intimate portraits of these survivors as they tell their unforgettable storiesCollectively this is a record of ordinary people stigmatized as cultists who after the Jonestown massacre were left to deal with their grief reassemble their lives and try to make sense of how a movement born in a gospel of racial and social justice could have gone so horrifically wrong taking with it the lives of their sons and daughters husbands and wives fathers and mothe I was lucky to get this one from NetGalley Leigh Fondakowski has a huge job in front of her to meet and interview Peoples TempleJonestown survivors for a possible playSome survivors do not want to talk to her The ones that do talk to Fondakowski share sad painful memoriesbut open the readers eyes to what happened in a senseless tragedy By the time you finish this book two things will happenYou will never say Don t drink the Kool Aid without realizing that it s not a joke and you will want to see Fonakowski s playBeautiful beautiful book