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Read & Download Solomon's Jar Alex Archer ´ 0 characters Summary Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Alex Archer Ed struggles to stay one step ahead of gun toting factions including Russian mobsters English cultists and the fanatical followers of a charismatic kabbalist bent on finding and exploiting the Jar's supernatural powers But once Creed locates Solomon's Jar will its intrinsically evil powers influence her resolve to do God's will. Given my appreciation for the first book in the series and desire to read an actionadventure with mild supernatural themes I figured that it was time to read the second Rogue Angel book GISTAnnja Creed has been the newest avatar of good for the past few months but is still getting used to the workload associated with her destiny When she learns that a bunch of morally uestionable folk including some nasty demons are looking for King Solomon s Jar the means to bind demons to one s will the dangers will go beyond the physicalTHOUGHTSAs with the first book Solomon s Jar is fast paced and filled with its share of action seuences This time around the fights get bloody and often fatal for those involved Annja is posed with numerous moral dilemmas as a result with the added involvement of Demons new territory for her allowing her to perceive levels of evil Annja is also accompanied by a well spoken English Archaeologist for a good portion of the story offering up a love interest and allowing her to see that one s attempts to work good in the world can often cause harm We also meet Sappora a rather cool New Jersey abalist woman living in Jerusalem She helps answer some of Annja s uestions and offers put into perspective the words of wisdom that her immortal mentor Roux had offered soon after starting on her search for the jar We also get the first glimpse into what Roux s former male apprentice is up to since Annja put the sword back together in the first novel I have very few criticisms of the book but these were over shadowed by the uick pace of the novel which never allowed me to feel bogged down Some reviewers have complained about some gaps in the story but I would suggest that these apparent gaps were simply a means for the author to avoid bogging the story down with rather boring scenes in what is supposed to be an actionadventure story The pace also allowed for mild breathers to avoid combat fatigue as well oddly enough CONCLUSIONFolks looking for a fast paced actionadventure book with mild supernatural themes will get their fill with this novel There is than enough threats for Annja to negotiate including the moral ones We get character development gun play melee and hand to hand combat possession Russian mafia complete with idiotic minions power crazed Kabalist wizards a smidge of romance and It may not be immediate gratification but it is one heck of a ride up until the conclusion

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Read & Download Solomon's Jar Alex Archer ´ 0 characters Summary Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Alex Archer The Barnes Noble ReviewIn the second installment of Alex Archer's Rogue Angel saga which features protagonist Annja Creed spiritual descendant Joan of Arc and her fated successor as champion of the good the intrepid archeologist sets off to find Solomon's Jar an invaluable biblical artifact that King Solomon allegedly used to e. Very entertaining and untaxing story In short it s perfect for a summer read Annja is fun and courageous but still unsure in her newfound role In that she reminds me even of Buffy from the beginning of the show The action seuences are well balanced by slower but in no way boring scenes that further the progress of the story So if you re looking for something to help you unwind you should give Rogue Angel a try

Summary Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Alex Archer

Read & Download Solomon's Jar Alex Archer ´ 0 characters Summary Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Alex Archer Ntrap the numerous demons he used to build his temple in Jerusalem With the help of her enigmatic mentor a centuries old man named Roux Creed sets off to verify if the Jar believed to be forever lost at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea was in fact recovered Following leads from Peru to the Netherlands to Israel to Brazil Cre. I disliked this one compared to the first oneMostly because there was too much done off page as it were She would jump from place to place without any idea to us listeners as to why she was going there How did she end up in England after Amsterdam There was no explanation of why she was thereEngland to the Riveria was literally just a cut scene to a new locationAlso the author has obviously never been to England We are not at altitude We are literally below sea level in some placesAdian is constantly being called young but the voice actor is WAY too old soundingThe violence was definitely graphicI will continue to listen but this one felt too much like she was wanting to be Lara Croft

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