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Snowy AUTHOR Ruth Doan MacDougall Summary ✓ 104 W readers will respond to with eual eagerness While chronicling Snowy's next thirty years it explores the lives of her best friends beautiful Bev and outspoken Puddles and her first love Tom What happens when the Silent Generation grows up SNOWY describes how she and her frie. An excellent seuel to The Cheerleader this book follows the lives of the 3 main characters focusing on Snowy as they moves through their lives ending just before they reach 50 Though these women are 10 years older than I and came of age in the 50s and I came of age in the 60s our experiences growing up in a smallish town are very similar Engrossing read

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Snowy AUTHOR Ruth Doan MacDougall Summary ✓ 104 What happens when ex cheerleaders grow upFor Snowy the cute blond cheerleader at Gunthwaite High School in the 1950s did anything ever match the glory of those yearsThis is the story that the multitudes of fans of the best selling THE CHEERLEADER have clad for a story that ne. While I loved the 1st book The Cheerleader the story following Snowy through college to her late 40s lacked enthusiasm for me Some of the story skipped years which is fine but seemed sketchy and incomplete than Snowy and friends during their high school years which included a lot of fashion cultural references and fads of the time Maybe it was just the glory days were behind them and adult life is mundane Snowy actually came across as boring and complacent in the later half of the book Her young energy and gusto became lethargic While she and Alan seemed to have a passionate although comfortable marriage after his death she was uick to find Tom and ignore her daughter She also seemed purposely distant from her friends Bev and Puddles Usually your girlfriends are go to when times are tough The gang endur

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Snowy AUTHOR Ruth Doan MacDougall Summary ✓ 104 Nds who came of age in the security of the 1950s when roles were defined and accepted develop in the next decades their experiences uniue and universal Like THE CHEERLEADER this seuel is straightforward touching disturbing and very funnyTHE CHEERLEADER has been called a class. The seuel to The Cheerleader was a fairly good read I found myself skimming some of it The book takes up when Snowy graduates from high school and goes until she is almost 50 There are a lot of skipped times in life I didn t tear through this one as fast as I did the first book I did like it though I ll be starting the third book in the series soon It is a lot longer I hope I finish it faster than Almost Moon

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