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SNAFU An Anthology of Military Horror review Ä 100 Ludes works from Jonathan Maberry Weston Ochse Greig Beck and James A Moore who lead the way with a contingent of emerging authors to back them up Fight or die. The fear of the unknown is what horror as a genre has always chosen to exploit and this anthology takes those fears and puts it down in a military landscape In other words it unleashes these horrors onto men and women trained for warThese are the stories and what I made out of them Blackwater A spec ops team faces off against monsters from the sea Not a very cohesive story although it does have a few moments 2 stars Little Johnny Jump Up The civil war era and a benevolent little ghost This is no horror story but one where the ghost eases out the horrors for the characters 3 stars Covert Genesis Here again it is spec ops but the monsters they face are rather uniue and different from all the others in this anthology A little high on the gore factor coupled with fast paced action 3 stars Bug Hunt I am not familiar with this character Joe Ledger so was not used to his staccato sentences and gung ho attitude Although making a guess about this character would be rather premature I did feel that he is yet another stereotype of the American GI that the media would have us believe The story was an interesting one but it did lack cohesion at uite a few places Some things did not sit too right and that affected the enjoyment factor 2 stars Special Operations Interview PTO 14 A US marine on patrol in a Japanese island stumbles on a scene straight out of Japanese mythology Here again there isn t much of horror and comparably it is a bland story 2 stars Cold War Gothic Reminiscent of Mike Mignola s BPRD placed in a cold war setting The Americans cross swords with the Russians and the weapons they use are all supernatural in nature An interesting addition into the mix was the box man a character worth remembering uite an atmospheric tale 3 and half stars Making Waves I knew there was a Ctulhu impostor in here somewhere and here it was WWII submarine warfare magic Americans Elder Gods and general mayhem Interesting twist to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki scenarios 3 stars The Fossil One of the longest stories in the collection and worth it The future coming back to haunt and terrify us was a new one for me The story moves swiftly and the buildup is uite brilliant 4 stars A Tide of Flesh Starts right in the thick of action and stops when it wanes The premise is very interesting with the British soldiers facing off the Indian undead The execution however lacks the charm 2 stars Death at 900 meters Set in present day Ira with Marine snipers on a routine smash and grab mission encountering vampires No surprises no plot twists and just your regular vampire tale 2 stars Holding The Line The smallest story in the collection and one without too much of a conclusion It is all over before you get into the thick of things High on gore For the interested it is the National Guard vs Sasuatches 2 stars Thela Hun Gingeet The favorite landscape of all military writers the American debacle in Vietnam An American team on an intel gathering mission goes deep into the jungles and gets caught up in a Taoist temple that fries their neural circuits The imagery is psychedelic and lavishes us with stunning visuals My contention however is with the fact that the story never explains what all the noise is all about Everything is left hanging by the threads 3 and a half stars for the visuals 2 stars for the story The Shrine WWII again with the German Panzer division and the SS trying to pull out something from the foundations of an old church What comes out of the pit is a homage to a monster of the Lovecraftian genre The buildup in this story is pretty solid and the characters are pretty well sketched 4 stars Ptearing All Before Us I have always wondered what a Thunderbird in the Indian myths could be all about This story offers a wild guess at that and builds a story around a group of soldiers out hunting Indians in the wilderness More than horror this is a tale of greed and avarice I uite liked it Here too gore is rather high 3 stars Blank White Page Two gentlemen a certain Mr Slate and MrCrowley ride into the town of Silver Springs in the days of the wild west They remind you of the horsemen of the apocalypse for one rides a pale horse and the other man iswell he really is something to behold In they ride and all hell breaks loose no pun intended The storytelling moves at breakneck speed and it really is a brilliant piece of work amalgamating Mexican standoff s supernatural incursions and good old firefights This certainly is my pick as the best in the anthology The only thing to note is that this is the only tale which is not directly set in a military backdrop 5 starsThis is one of those rare anthologies where none of the stories are bad They all either fall into the category of good or strictly average Worth a read Recommended

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SNAFU An Anthology of Military Horror review Ä 100 War is hell Soldiers fight to survive They fight each other and they fight the demons inside Sometimes they fight real monsters This book collects stories of a. I won t rate this as I am the publisher but damn there are some great stories in here

summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Geoff Brown

SNAFU An Anthology of Military Horror review Ä 100 Ncient myths time travelers horrors in the old west and the soldiers who fight them Featuring some of the best writers working in the field today this book inc. Military fiction of any sort is not really my go to whatever the genre it is part of I find that very little of it is of the standard of The Forever War or Life During Wartime or the Regeneration trilogy It s far too often war porn all about the deadly toys and full of characters from a bad John Wayne movie However I m glad I joined in with the group Space Spells Screams monthly read of SNAFU Blackwater by Neal F Litherland is a great opener wonderful cinematic action and I m a sucker for decently written Lovecraftian horror I thought the ending a little hysterical after the tension and emotion of the escapeI loved Little Johnny Jump Up by Christine Morgan I thought it gave a lovely insight into both the American Civil War and the soldiers mindset of superstition and an acceptance that any success or survival today may have to be paid in full tomorrow uite affectingSaying I hated Brian W Taylor s Covert Genesis would be putting it too strongly but I thought it was pretty terrible Awful cliched dialogue and generally badly written Everything that makes me so often avoid military fictionBack on form with Bug Hunt from the editor Jonathan Maberry a great little action story tightly written with really strong characters I ll definitely be looking up the rest of the Joe Ledger series One slight annoyance is that Maberry misuses some weapon terminology a soldier would not call an AK47 a machine gun it s an assault rifle or just a rifle and he uses small arms fire to refer to pistols as though it s the opposite of long arms almost anything that isn t a heavy weapon is a small arm A minor uibble but an author should get the professional terms correct and it s easy to research As someone else pointed out spiders are also referred to as insects but I can let that go as it was said by a characterI liked Wayand Smith s Special Operations Interview PTO 14 but I m not sure it counts as a fully realised story a vignette I m a table top roleplayer and this is the kind of thing you might have in a character s background to flesh them outSpeaking of my hobby Cold War Gothic by Weston Ochse is right in my wheelhouse A super secret military unit battling both the Soviet threat and the incursion of monsters from other dimensions Sounds like my kind of party I ve got a Weston Ochse collection and some stories in anthologies on my Kindle mostly from Humble Bundle I think so must look them upI really enjoyed Curtis C Chen s Making Waves both the Mythos yumminess of realising the Things they are about to wake aren t what they d thought and the hint of the wider world of military magic Also the protagonist hiding her gender although I m not sure she d be able to get away with that on a sub even with the glamourGreig Beck s The Fossil was a fun one pitting a recovery team from the far future against an anti intrusion Special Forces team in Berlin when they are sent to recover an energy weapon A fun action packed cross time tale A Tide of Flesh from Jeff Hewitt was excellent possibly the only story in the book other than Little Johnny Jump Up so far that is about than just the story dealing as it is with the atrocities of colonialism as a British garrison in the Indian Raj defend a fort from horrorWhat is not to love about a Delta Force commando team in Ira unexpectedly coming up against some vampires Death at 900 Metres by Tyson Mauermann checks that boxAfter a run of generally high uality the collection takes a dip for a while Holding the Line by Eric S Brown a thoroughly forgettable war story Thela Hun Gingeet by David Benton WD Gagliani a potentially interesting tale of a US military action SE Asia that isn t well written enough to go anywhere The Shrine by David W Amendola started off by thoroughly annoying me as the author is doing that teenaged boy thing of showing off his knowledge or research by giving every piece of euipment its correct nomenclature We don t need the specs of every vehicle in the convoy or be told the model of radio being used Slogging through that however this actually became a decent little horror story Ptearing All Before Us by Steve Ruthenback is a solid tale of some US soldiers in the Indian Wars encountering something weird the nature of which is unfortunately given away by the titleKirsten Cross s A Time of Blood features some suaddies on a wargame capturing perfectly soldierly banter in an excellent horror story as they encounter something ancient near StonehengeThe anthology finishes with one of its strongest stories Blank White Page by James A Moore is another post US Civil War tale of soldiers and Indians following the strange companions of Lucas Slate and Jonathan Crowley caught between a US Army detachment and the Apache that they ve been sent to remove one way or another A really strong tale full of violence and magic the wider mythology hinted at but never explained left me wanting to read and as Crowley is apparently something of a recurring character in Moore s work give me a place to startDefinitely some authors I ll be looking up again which is what I want from an anthology35 stars

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