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  • Running on Empty
  • Marshall Ulrich
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  • 14 February 2018
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Marshall Ulrich Ú 4 Free download Read & Download µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Marshall Ulrich Read & Download Running on Empty A fascinating glimpse into the mind of an ultramarathon runner and the inspirational saga of his run across America The ultimate endurance athlete Marshall Ulrich has run than one hundred foot races averaging over one hundred miles each completed twelve expedition length adventure races and ascended the seven summits inclu. I carefully select the bookmark for each book I read Think of me as a matchmaker trying to bring hardbacks and paperbacks together with their perfect companion bookmarks Once I have read enough to get a good feel for a book I visit a Mason jar crammed full of bookmarks collected from art museums bookstores and random places all over the world For this book I picked a photobooth strip of Andy Warhol getting punched in the face by someone off camera picked up at museum in Colombia of all places When I look at that bookmark I always wonder why Andy is allowing someone to beat the crap out of him which roughly euates to the uestion I asked myself throughout this book Why would anyone willingly torture themselves by running the euivalent of 117 consecutive marathons I later showed my bookmark selection to the self masochistauthor himself thinking he d get a chuckle He just seemed confused That was uestion 1 And it logically led me to uestion 2 why exactly am I reading a book about extreme runningI can answer both uestions He answers uestion 1 easily enough it s just who he is A boundary pusher A runner My answer to uestion 2 is the opposite it s just who I am NOT And that is largely why I picked up this book It is who I want to be I have always wanted to be a runner Runners seem so pulled together and are always showing off their toned legs My husband is pushing me to sign up for half marathon training group next month I started the same program last year Within three weeks I was hobbling around on crutches I went on a coastal vacation on crutches for goodness sake So I believe my hesitation to reenlist is understandable I was hoping this book would motivate me to try again Plus I am sucker for author events and this guy was coming to a nearby bookstoreWhat s the verdict Will I lace up my running shoes again I think so Marsh s story about running across America is inspirational He put up with a lot to make it happen drama with his running partner injuries galore self doubt sleep deprivation constant pain and even a trigger happy landowner By comparison Forrest Gump had it easy If Marsh can do that I can sacrifice a couple hours of sleep on a Saturday morning to go run And I can certainly endure the occasional blisterI will admit that this book can cross the line from motivational into depressingly unattainable Marsh is considered an ultrarunner On an average day during the transcontinental he ran two marathons and a 10K That s crazy At one point he promises his doctor to run just forty miles a day while he recovers from muscle strain Forty miles is his concession What The whole book is like that He throws around 100 mile races 200 mile training weeks and 70 mile daily goals like they are nothing I just want to finish ONE mile without huffing and puffing Whenever these extremes discouraged me I would remember that Marsh started out running 5K races just like the rest of us slow pokesConsidering Marsh is originally an athlete and not a writer the book is well enough written It has the straight forwardness of many second career writers He proudly said it follows the canon of great literature which went too far for me but everything does flow There is an honesty about it He is open with his feelings and shortcomings He discloses the nitty gitty logistics ranging from where he did his business cornfields and how many calories it took to keep going 8000 a day I should mention it can be repetitive especially during the numerous appendices You can safely skip these unless you are a runner looking for recommendations for shoes and suchSpeaking of the appendices the book overall had the feel of a textbook There are educational side stories in gray textboxes mixed into the story which felt odd and unnecessary There are pictures which I enjoyed There is the image of a man running on the bottom of each page As you get farther into the book and Marsh is progressing across America the little man moves across page You can flip the pages really fast and see the figure running from the left corner to the right I derived a very childish delight from this In their totality though these aspects felt distant and commercialized I went to his event expecting a normal author event including a discussion of his writing process and such He was akin to a motivational speaker which makes sense in hindsight He surprised me by forgoing running shorts for dress slacks and a sweater He was very snazzy He had placards set up played two short videos and went through a powerpoint presentation He laid out the lessons we should take away from his story Stuff like you ll only succeed if you believe in yourself first The book is thankfully less obvious Most of what he said about the actual transcontinental run is in the book So I don t have any juicy exclusives for you Overall he wasn t the most polished motivational speaker I ve heard but he has done amazing things and was friendly ish I was glad to see this running and adventure legend in the flesh At the very least it proved to me that it is possible to run for 52 days straight and not need a wheelchair afterwards Or crutches

Read & Download µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Marshall UlrichRunning on Empty

Marshall Ulrich Ú 4 Free download Read & Download µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Marshall Ulrich Read & Download Running on Empty Reaches back nearly thirty years to when the death of his first wife drove him to run from his pain Ulrich's memoir imbues an incredible read with a universal message for athletes and nonathletes alike face the toughest challenges overcome debilitating setbacks and find deep fulfillment in something greater than achievemen. Marshall Ulrich is a legend He has an incredible drive relentless work ethic and superhuman endurance Unfortunately that is paired with seemingly sub human emotional intelligence Honestly he s not in the least likable in print His accomplishments are myriad and amazing He is legendary But as we learned from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance When legend becomes fact print the legend I liked the legend a lot better

Marshall Ulrich Ú 4 Free download

Marshall Ulrich Ú 4 Free download Read & Download µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Marshall Ulrich Read & Download Running on Empty Ding Mount Everest Yet his run from California to New York the euivalent of running two marathons and a 10k every day for nearly two months straight proved to be his most challenging effort yet In Running on Empty he shares the gritty backstory of his run and the excruciating punishments he endured on the road Ulrich also. I find ultrarunners fascinating I m a runner but I m not crazy like them 4 8 miles at a pop with no desire to run a marathon or anything like that Just imagining the sheer human endurance that is so far beyond what I can do is kind of staggering and I love reading about it while I recline on my couch although these types of books do tend to jazz me up and get me excited for my next runI admit I m kind of chasing Born to Run by going out and looking for other running books like this one and it s probably not going to happen that is one of my all time favorite books This was pale in comparison but still very interesting It tells the story of an ultrarunner who runs across the country in like 52 days or something like that 60 or 70 miles a day I was tickled when he kept saying things like after my first marathon of the day I d usually take a nap My first marathon of the day It s just so extremeI did not completely jibe with this guy s personality and that made it a little less interesting to me he s kind of a dork and I am too believe me but in a different way He s the stupid pun telling kind of jokester dork which is not really up my alley Plus he complained a lot about what he was doing yet mentioned how he doesn t like complainers I just kept thinking dude no one is making you do this It s hard to feel sorry for someone who is bitching about something he chose to do no one is making him do and in fact his wife tried to talk him out of it for a full YEAR beforehand It was also a little weird how much is in the book about his relationship with his wife their conversations and emotions etc It was so detailed it almost felt invasiveBut in general it was an interesting read and you do kind of feel like you re along with him for the ride without having to actually do it yourself It was nice of him to communicate the interesting parts of the trip to us the readers while sparing us the absolute mind numbing boredom of running 18 hours a day for 52 days I get bored after running for an hour