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  • Kindle Edition
  • 560
  • Redemption
  • Will Jordan
  • English
  • 14 April 2020
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Read & Download Redemption Will Jordan × 0 characters review á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Will Jordan Within forty eight hours is dangerous than anything his team has attempted beforeDespite the risks the team successfully completes their mission but for Drake the real danger has only just begun Faced with a terrible threat he is forced to go on the run with Maras a veteran agen. A high otane and fast paced tale of derring do set in the world of elite investigation and black ops that had me hooked throughout The hero of the piece is Ryan Drake a wonderful amalgamation of thriller favourites Geordie Sharp Nick Stone and Spider Shepherd but with a slightly softer centre as he finds himself at the whim of his immediate superiors and with an additional threat to his nearest and dearest Tasked with liberating a former CIA agent Maras from a harsh prison in the snowy wastes of Siberia Drake and his team come to realise that this mission is not all that it first appears to be and forces Drake on the run with Maras as the depth of this conspiracy becomes clearOne of the strongest aspects of this book is Jordan s grasp of characterisation as Drake is a compelling and empathetic protagonist with a strong moral sense but who seeks to retain his professionalism as a soldier Maras named after the goddess of war also proves to be an intriguing and exceptionally well drawn character and is probably the finest kick derriere heroine of the thriller genre I have read She is incredibly driven consumed with a thirst for revenge and not above using her feminine wiles to manipulate Drake to achieve this Likewise the characterisation of members of Drake s disparate team and his oily superiors is eually balanced and I particularly liked Drake s nemesis Dietrich who Drake reluctantly adds to his team and the way their rocky history comes to lightThe plot moves uickly through a series of unforgiving terrains as Drake and Maras go on the run for reasons that I will not reveal as this would totally spoil this read but needless to say Jordan s depiction of these locations is utterly authentic and I particularly enjoyed the Siberian section getting a real sense of the isolated and brutal confines of a frankly despicable place of incarceration Jordan has said that having undergone a military bootcamp in the past igniting his passion for military hardware and history that he has undertaken much research in the US and Europe becoming something of an arms expert and this is self evident throughout the plot There is a meticulous attention to weaponry and military procedures throughout which is not only informative but reveals much of this secret world of military warfare Overall a very creditable debut and bodes well for a long running series featuring this new action hero on the block and perfect for readers looking for something to supplement the works of other established writers in the military thriller genre

review á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Will Jordan

Read & Download Redemption Will Jordan × 0 characters review á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Will Jordan T scarred by years of brutal imprisonmentHunted by his former comrades and those willing to do anything to protect a deadly secret Drake is left with no choice but to trust a dangerous woman he barely knows For he has only one chance to save those he loves and time is running out. Ryan Drake is a former British Army soldier who now works for the CIA He is called a shepherd This is an elite inves tigation team that finds and brings back missing agents Hislatest mission is to free a prisoner codenamed Maras from a Russian prison and he only has forty eight hours This is themost dangerous mission he and his team have ever attempted butdespite the risks it is successfully completed But for Drake the real danger is just beginning Faced with a terrible threat he must go on the run with Maras a veteran agent who is scarredby years of brutal imprisonment He is hunted by former comradesand those willing to protect a deadly secret Drake has no choicebut to trust a woman he barely knows He has only one chance tosave the ones he loves and time is running out I can only say that Goodreads only rates books to a 5 I would have given this one a 10 and it s Will Jordan s first book This is 500pages of action packed adventure and if you like thrillers Iwould not pass this up He has just completed his second bookand I m already looking for it

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Read & Download Redemption Will Jordan × 0 characters review á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Will Jordan Ryan Drake is a man who finds people who don't want to be foundOnce a soldier in the British Army he now works for the CIA leading an elite investigation team that tracks down missing agents But his latest mission to free a prisoner codenamed Maras and bring her back onto US soil. I learned about this book because I followed the YouTube book reviews of the author Will Jordan Sadly his reviews are no longer available online but I had been very impressed with his sharp commentary and his clear understanding of character plot and pacing The fact that he was able to present it in a fun and amusing way was an added bonus Naturally when he announced he had been awarded his first publishing contract I was keen to see if his skills as a reviewer would translate into those of an authorThe novel most certainly did not disappoint It is a riveting roller coaster ride with interesting well written characters Jordan switches easily from viewpoint to viewpoint with each character having his or her own motivations and voice Although it is not a world I personally inhabit the characters were believable and realistic The plot was well thought out with one twist after another and kept me turning page after pageOne review I read mentioned that the language was often repetitive and uninspired I would say that is probably a valid criticism It s clear Mr Jordan is no wordsmith However this is than balanced by excellent characterisation plot and pacing Personally I would also have welcomed some of the author s natural wit to have come across in the novelIn any case I will certainly read the seuel when it is published I gave Redemption Ryan Drake 1 four stars out of five