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Free download ¸ Pucker Up Damsels of Distress #1 105 Agundi; a town hidden behind magical wards to anyone who doesn’t use magic But she can’t relax yet The secret she keeps about her past could get her killed if discovered Keeping a low profile is her main goal Too bad Garren the most obnoxious pretentious and not hot guy she ever met won’t leave her alone No other person on the planet can get her blood racing like he canNow the wards are failing putting every resident in danger of being discovered by the EradicatorsThankfully a possible solution has been found and Ivy is the key All she has to surprisingly good considering the cover description general writing style and pretty one dimensional charactersim pleasantly surprised

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Free download ¸ Pucker Up Damsels of Distress #1 105 Ivy always thought that breaking a curse with True Love’s Kiss was the ultimate romantic gesture in fairy tales But when she has to plant one on a prince who’s been dead for 200 years it’s just grossAfter the “incident” seventeen year old Ivy discovers she’s a witch and she’s not at all happy about it An underground organization of human warriors called the Eradicators are hunting her like they do all other creatures tainted with magic witches and wizards werewolves vampires and fae to name a few To escape she’s found refuge in Salm I loved this book Couldn t put it down

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Free download ¸ Pucker Up Damsels of Distress #1 105 Do is awaken the wizard prince who cast the wards over 200 years ago and bring him back to Salmagundi to save the town Only two obstacles stand in the way his whereabouts are unknown and only True Love’s Kiss can break the curse he’s under That’s right She has to kiss the dead guyTogether with her cousin and tag a long Garren she sets out on a uest to find her prince After putting up with dragons vampires and one too many necrophilia jokes can she survive long enough to take one for the team and PUCKER UPPaperback edition only available at c 40 starsOriginally I was too going to rate this book with 3 stars but then a couple of days after I read it I found myself thinking about it and wanting to read the second one immediately So it got bumped up to another starI really enjoyed this book it was funny had some action and has a cute little baby dragon that I instantly got attached toWhat could you ask for The romance was great as was the plot and I liked the main character a lot which is surprising For being a dollar on this was way better than I expected I gobbled it up in a day and I honestly can t wait for the second one It was absolutely no doubt worth the dollar I paid for it It was cute fun and awesome I would recommend Although the cover is a bit weird in my opinion

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