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review Precious 103 read ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB È Zanna Mackenzie Zanna Mackenzie È 3 free download When celebrities need a crime solved they call in the experts – the Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency otherwise known as the CCIA Who would want to murder former pop star Flynn Garrison That’s exactly what Amber Reed the Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency’s newest recruit needs to find out She’s desperate to get to grips with her first assignment and prove. Amber really wants to impress on her new job especially since boyfriend Charlie is the one who recommended her to the Celebrity Crimes Investigative Agency But sometimes merely obstinacy business and being leery of corpses is a definite drawback Still Amber presses onuntil the agency sends in an experienced investigator a vain egotistical blond bombshellEndearing chick lit with a feckless vulnerable but likable series heroine

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review Precious 103 read ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB È Zanna Mackenzie Zanna Mackenzie È 3 free download She’s up to the job but there’s a lot at stake and it’s not only her new career that’s on the line Is mixing business and pleasure ever a good idea Will her relationship with fellow CCIA agent Charlie survive the challenge of the two of them working together And then there’s agent extraordinaire Martha a man eating six foot blonde goddess also assigned to this. Amber is knee deep in it nowAmber wanted to join the Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency CCIA She has completed her enlistment training and is officially the newest recruit of CCIA There is something to that old saying Be careful what you ask for As a support officer in training she finds herself lowest on the totem pole Even so there are a few perks to the job Unfortunately Amber is still full of zany antics that land her in danger often than not Will she be able to enjoy any of those perks There are plenty of twists and turns in this story to keep you guessing whodunit until the very end And of course there is just a little romance and tension thrown in for good measureI thoroughly enjoyed this less than believable but than entertaining story of murder and mayhem It is a clean fun and easy read The tale is not really believable but it sure is entertaining

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review Precious 103 read ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB È Zanna Mackenzie Zanna Mackenzie È 3 free download Murder investigation who clearly has designs on Charlie Trying to uncover who killed Flynn and why whisks Amber from glamorous red carpet film premiere to learning Scottish dancing at a Highland party in a grand country house and the distinct possibility of becoming the murderer’s next victim Can Amber solve the case and still keep her relationship with Charlie on tra. Lots of mystery aheadThe murder of a famous rock star puts Charlie and Amber on the case in the Scottish isles Amber struggles with some issues from her past effecting her present The case kind of takes a back seat to the feelings that Amber is working on sorting Add a very flirtatious and beautiful agent sent to help with the case and Amber uickly becomes suspicious of everything even her ability to do her job The case does get solved of course but can Amber and Charlie solve their issues as well The cozy fits but the mystery continues

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