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The Alexander Trilogy

characters The Alexander Trilogy ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB characters å eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Mary Renault LumeIn Fire From Heaven a young Alexander unravels the mysteries of a violent adult world and discovers the divinity deep within him Later as he conuers ever. Fire From Heaven focuses on the formative years of Alexander the Great ending with his ascension to the throne I found it an easy book to admire but harder to love Early chapters seemed to stress Alexander s extraordinary character without rather than driving the plot forward In these early chapters it felt like I was meant to marvel at Alexander than to be swept up in his storyYet as Alexander s life progressed so I became and involved in the story to the point where I was swept away by it and left frustrated that the book ended just when he became king All the while Renault s remarkable prose and ability to bring the time period to life left me amazed and in aweI enjoyed the depth of the characters particularly that given to Alexander s parents Olympias and Philip The character of Alexander though was immense immeasurable and unknowable This is understandable considering the historical figure is today mythical than real but I m not sure I liked it It felt a little frustrating to have the opportunity to see so extraordinary up close only to have him always out of reach Still I m a little fascinated by such characters and it does work in its own wayThe Persian Boy focuses on Alexander through the eyes of Bagoas a Persian eunuch said to have been the lover of Alexander I found this book easier to dive into than Fire From Heaven mainly because the plot seemed driven and Alexander was seen up close It also helped that the story was told from Bagoas perspective rather than a multitude of characters As I understand it Bagoas is a minor figure in history that Renault has developed into a fully fledged character Renault succeeds in making Bagoas come to life though not necessarily at making him fully likeable or sympathetic Bagoas comes as a clingy boyfriend at times talking about how he is the only one who really gets Alexander and demonstrating a bitter jealousy of Hephaestion s place in Alexander s affections I m not sure whether Renault meant for Bagoas to be a flawed character andor an unreliable narrator but I felt as though he was Still I found The Persian Boy a hugely enjoyable readFuneral Games revolves around the collapse of Alexander s empire after his death This saga is a fascinating story Being mostly ignorant of what had happened after Alexander s death I found myself glued to the pages wondering who would survive who would be successful and who would get their comeuppance The writing too is utterly fantastic and the characters complex enough to provide depthThe story focuses largely on Macedon and the succession issues there rather than how Alexander s empire was carved up Even Alexander s funeral and burial in Egypt is largely glossed over though this is something I would have loved to have seen Having finished The Alexander Trilogy I m left in awe of Renault and Alexander I m thirsting for about Alexander for both fictional and factual takes on him From the sound of things I m not the only one What s is that I have discovered an author that writes excellent historical fiction and that makes me incredibly happy

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characters The Alexander Trilogy ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB characters å eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Mary Renault Eastwards the love between him and Bagoas is immortalised in The Persian Boy Then as death comes to Alexander in Funeral Games the human vultures gather round. can a book be delicious can a novel get any better if you know anything about Alexander the great and wish to read his story in a historical novel form this is the one Mary Renault knows everything you could possibly know about the subject and bridges the story along brilliantlyreally can t tell you much than thative got nothing elseits great

characters å eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Mary Renault

characters The Alexander Trilogy ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB characters å eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Mary Renault This is Mary Renault's masterly evocation of ancient Greece and Alexander the conueror beautiful beloved and flawed Now published for the first time in one vo. I re read these this year after 25 years or so I read Fire From Heaven for my book group and this is my favourite of the three books It covers Alexander s early life his challenging relationships with his parents and how he becomes king of Macedonia Unlike many biographies it doesn t sit on the fence over Alexander s sexuality and emphasizes that although we have a different understanding of sexuality now his most meaningful relationship was with his lover Hephaistion The Persian Boy the second volume deals with his journeys across Asia the many battles he engaged and the final years of his life It is told from the perspective of Bagoas a Persian eunuch and also Alexander s lover Bagoas can be annoying and self centered at times but his devotion to Alexander is clear and he should be forgiven as he has had rather a rough time of it to say the least The final book Funeral Games covers the years following Alexander s death and the power struggles that resulted from his un timely passing An easy recommendation for anyone interested in Alexander or are fed up with the lack of ueer characters portrayed in historical books or just want to read a well written series of literary novels