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  • Destroyed The Knights of Ruin #2
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  • 01 January 2020
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SUMMARY Destroyed The Knights of Ruin #2

REVIEW È Destroyed The Knights of Ruin #2 Jackie Ashenden · 1 REVIEW T means playing with deliciously wicked fire but Tiger is prepared to risk everything for what he really wants even if it destroys them bo The chief of police s nerdy daughter Summer has a prestigious new job lined up but her father will hear none of it So she runs away to the last place she thinks her father will look for her the local biker haunt Here she reunites with Tiger the biker who had been her bodyguard for a while back when she was 17 She promises he can do anything he wants to her as long as he can keep her hidden from her father until it s time to leave Despite hating complications how can Tiger possibly say noSo positives I like how smart Summer is and how she is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants I also like her personal development how she ditches Tiger to stand up to her father on her ownWhat I wasn t so keen on was Tiger stupid name for a start although being a biker nickname is slight justification I guess Not sure I totally buy him not being able to read in this day and age and I don t know despite being told often enough how alpha male he is we don t see that much of him he s pretty emotional which for me didn t uite ring true to his set upThe time frame on this is a bit rushed I think the novel only spans a couple of days which makes the emotional build feel less convincing However I really like Summer and Tiger together they compliment each other despite their outward differences and clearly strengthen each other plus of course the great chemistry The other nice thing about this one is the fact that it goes back and forth between both summer and Tiger s POV s I do like the fact that we get to see the inner workings of both of themIf you like Biker herovirgin heroine trope romances this is a nice light sexy read

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Destroyed The Knights of Ruin #2

REVIEW È Destroyed The Knights of Ruin #2 Jackie Ashenden · 1 REVIEW “You’ll let me do whatever I want”How can he resistWhy would a hot as hell biker put everything on the line to help the police chief I won t be reading this one The hero is a fan of orgies and took being a man whore to epic levels The poor heroine is a virgin When will this trope end Soon I hope The last thing I find romantic is falling in love with a guy who is a whore

Jackie Ashenden · 1 REVIEW

REVIEW È Destroyed The Knights of Ruin #2 Jackie Ashenden · 1 REVIEW ’s nerdy innocent and very off limits daughter Simple Summer Grant is offering Jake “Tiger” Clarke something he can’t refuse her I Destroyed by Jackie Ashenden is the second story in her steamy biker club romance series Knights of Ruin It s an insta lustinsta love romance with a woman in hiding and the man she turns to for protectionSummer Grant is hiding out from her controlling father the Sheriff of their town She has plans to go away to school and knows her father will do whatever he can to prevent that from happening Some years back her father had hired Jake Tiger Clarke as a security guard for her when her family had been under an external threat Summer had developed a crush on Tiger but at sixteen she kept her feelings to herself A few years later she finds herself at the Knights of Ruin clubhouse with the notion that it s the last place her father might look for her When a club member starts getting handsy with her it s Tiger who comes to her aidTiger never looked twice at Summer when she was a teenager but she sure has blossomed into a beautiful and capable adult even if she is on the shy side Hiding her physically with his body sparks a flame between them one that neither wants to uench Tiger is willing to offer her his protection but will it lead to something For of this review please visit Harleuin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review