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Born of Water

summary Born of Water ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF free download Born of Water Ith the feelings of guilt that she's never been able to 'change' and confusion that she doesn't seem to be attracted to boys or girls for that matter Targa feels like she's got demons than the average kidWhen the opportunity to salvage a mysterious wreck in the Ba. I was really excited to dg into this series after reading the synopsis and the first 3 or so chapters increased my excitement and eagerness to read on However somewhere down the line it became somewhat of a snooze fest with just enough intrigue for me to mindlessly continue the book I can t say that I hated it really but I just wasn t impressed but I have decided to read the next book in the series since I cant be bothered to find something else to read

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summary Born of Water ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF free download Born of Water Ltic arises for her mom a professional salvage diver by day Targa jumps at the chance to go abroad for the summer But it's when she meets Antoni Baranek and a boating accident puts them both in danger that Targa's world turns completely inside out in ways than one. I liked this a lot I borrowed it on Kindle Unlimited text only As the story started and it focused on the four girls I figured out pretty uickly that this would be a series where there would be four books one for each girl I mean I had glanced and knew it was a series but I hadn t paid much attention to how it would play out Elements this is water so the others FireEarthAir is pretty obvious Not the first series to take such an approach like the Elemental series Storm with brothers having different elemental powers Here it seems like the first four books while connected will be uite separate as each of the four girls goes their separate ways for the summer This made it so I didn t feel compelled to continue immediately as instead of picking up where this first book leaves off it looks like the seuels are happening at the same time just to the different girls I also discovered I OWN the next two books in the series picked up during free Kindle offerings so that also makes me a little less likely to read them right now as I m on a temporary Kindle Unlimited plan and want to make sure I m getting to books I won t have access to when it s over There does seem to be a continuation of THIS story Salt Stone A Water Elemental Novel Mermaid Fantasy first in its own spinoff trilogy but it s also listed as 7th in the Elemental series so I don t feel like I can read it until I hit it numerically in case there are some things that happen in the other book that impact its storyline I m a by the numbers girlAs for THIS story I liked it a lot I ve read several mermaid stories and this ranks up there Targa weird name all four girls had uniue names knows her mother is a mermaid and she should be but she appears to be a dud Probably not really a spoiler to say this isn t true I mean it s pretty obvious by the series title and such all other indications I found the story interesting as Targa and her mother travel to Poland to help uncover a lost ship learning about the mermaidsiren lore as presented here each book has some similarities and uniue tidbits I do definitely plan on continuing on with the series

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summary Born of Water ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF free download Born of Water Everything you thought you knew about mermaids is wrongLife for a small town high school kid in Saltford should be simple and straightforward for 17 year old Targa MacAuley it's anything but Navigating life with a supernatural mother is tricky enough but dealing w. I m only giving this book a 3 and its a shame as its some of the best descriptive writing I ve come across in a long time but saying that there is no point to the story line and for me that was a massive let down i wont be reading the rest of the books