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Download Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Clive Ponting Clive Ponting ✓ 2 Read & download Read Armageddon InsNeutralsAlliesMobilizationStrategyTechnologyCombatCiviliansOccupationLiberationAftermathArmageddonGuide to Further ReadingInd. Over the years I ve read a lot of books about World War II a lot of them but even still this one provided new information and fascinating tidbits about how the Allie fought the war This book is not about specific subjects people or battles but about the general conduct of the war and the messier side that history books have a tendency to whitewash or just ignore unless you find books that are topic specific Ponting covers several topics in a broad sense This book doesn t get into the find details staying instead with the big picture and a grand overview I would highly recommend this book for anyone who has an interest in World War II It is packed full of stories facts and figures The finally chapter on Liberation allow it worth the read showing that the Allies including the US were not exactly the paragons of high ideals they wanted the world to believe they were

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Download Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Clive Ponting Clive Ponting ✓ 2 Read & download Read Armageddon Up about the conflict using irrefutable statistics facts garnered from a wide variety of sources 5 mapsPrefaceMapsChronologyOrig. The book says that the Pacific war was a racial war US soldiers were surveyed and 18% felt like killing the Germans after actually seeing them but about half felt that way about the JapaneseAn opinion poll of Americans at the end of 1944 revealed that one in every eight people wanted any Japanese left alive at the end of the war to be exterminatedAdmiral William Halsey described the Japanese as low monkeys and urged his men to kill as many as they could and make monkey meat The book is another of those that notes that skulls of Japanese were sent home by US soldiers and gold teeth were taken from the skulls and sometimes from the woundedIn the battle for Okinawa 12500 US soldiers died Over 100000 Japanese soldiers died Segregation in the US military is discussed briefly In Salina Kansas for example a black soldier was refused service at a lunch counter even though German prisoners of war were being served Before the war no blacks were allowed in the Marines In the navy blacks were limited to working in the mess and in the services branch In the army there were small all black units If Japan would have actually been invaded in the proposed operations no blacks would have been involved at allBlack units were not used in combat until March of 1944 Blacks were not allowed to join the Army Air Corps there was no actual Air Force yet until 1940 By 1945 almost 140000 blacks were in the armed forces and almost all of them were involved in menial support rolesNo black could be superior in rank to a white in the same unitAll recreational Eating and health facilities were strictly segregated according to the book This type of thing went so far that blood from blacks was kept separate from blood donated by whitesIt wasn t just the US either Britain asked the Americans not to send black troops to Britain and Australia objected to black servicemen from the US being used as laborers in AustraliaSo in this war for democracy blacks were still being treated like dirt and persons of Japanese ancestry from the West Coast were treated like dirt and placed in internment camps sometimes behind barbed wire with armed guards Not exactly the best examples of democracy to say the leastThe destruction of Japanese cities by area bombing was preceded by the destruction of German cities this despite the fact that they did not have the cottage industries many of the Japanese cities had This policy of terror bombing started in late July of 1943 with Operation Gomorrah on the south banks of the Elbe About 40000 were killed in the raids In February of 1945 there was a similar attack on Dresden and around 70000 to 80000 were killed So the concept of killing lots of civilians was already in use before the B 29 s attacked Japanese citiesIn relation to the fire raids on Tokyo one uote from the US Strategic Bombing Survey stated that Probably persons lost their lives by fire in Tokyo in a 6 hour period than at any time in the history of man In relation to the bombing of Hiroshima the target committee wanted the aiming point to be at the center of the city and not on the outskirts where the industrial section was actually located Thus Truman s statement in his diary that the target would be a purely military one was nowhere near the truthAbout half the population was killed in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the atomic bombs

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Download Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Clive Ponting Clive Ponting ✓ 2 Read & download Read Armageddon This revisionist examination of WWII covers its huge subject by categories debunks many of the convenient myths that have grown. Yet another WWII history but organized on a novel basis topical versus the almost universal chronological model Ponting s workmanlike job on an earlier book 1940 Myth and Reality made me look for this bookAs in 1990 the overall effect is to reveal many mostly depressing truths about reality versus received wisdomwhat the major alliances wanted to cause to be knownAn example of an extraordinary surprise surfaced by the author units of the Japanese army were allowed to continue operations intact for a couple of years after August 1945 to fight the Communist factions in China

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