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  • Hardcover
  • 378
  • Other Women
  • Lisa Alther
  • Danish
  • 04 June 2020
  • 9788701143660

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Free download È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Lisa Alther Lisa Alther ↠ 0 Characters Read Other Women I hele sit 35 år lange liv har Caroline været noget for andre dels i sit job som sygeplejerske og dels i sit private liv som mor hustru og kæresteNu er hun gået i sort kan ikke mere Den pige hun deler hus og seng med er blevet forelsket i en anden Hun er ude af stand til at holde distance til verdens absurditeter ulykker og uret Det berører hende personligt og lammer hendes handlinger og tanker Valget står i mørke stunder mellem piller og søens dybe vandS. After reading Original Sin by Lisa Alther and having a hard time liking it in any way I had a decision to make You see I got both of these books through Kindle Unlimited which means they were free to borrow I thought about returning this one Other Women and not reading it at all Thank goodness I didn t I loved this bookIf you have had a good experience with a counselor dealing with problems of the past or current ones this will feel familiar I think everyone should have a good counselor once in a while to air the mental stuff that you might not want to weigh down your friends and family with And here in Other Women there were plots and characters that felt so real that I was sorry the book ended I think I might read it again sometimeThough this book ended uite well all threads neatly sewn up I still wish there was I want to see what happens next We are left with ideas as to how life might continue but I knew I would miss all these people as much as the real people in my life I like when an author can do that She created a reality that felt real Just saying that made me smile Wasn t it because Original Sins felt so real that I hated it I think I could relate with the characters in Other Women much deeply than I could with the characters in Original Sins So maybe that is why the reviews on both books had such a variety of ranks I guess it has to do with your own viewpoint of the world This is one book I will have to buy someday I think many will love it as much as I did

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Free download È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Lisa Alther Lisa Alther ↠ 0 Characters Read Other Women I begyndelsen af terapiforløbet afløses af et tillidsforhold der giver grobund for udvikling af selvaccept og respekt som er alfa og omega i forhold til andre mennesker det være sig kærester børn forældre vennerDen slagfærdige og vittige Lisa Alther vi kender fra Levende billeder og Arvesynder er der stadigvæk men en alvorligere side er kommet frem Man fornemmer at det har kostet arbejde at skrælle lagene af men at man er kommet nærmere på kernen i hen. More than 3 stars but less than 4 ideally Seems really dated in terms of the LGBT content and I thought she really overdid the main character s world weariness we get it but much of the insight gained in the therapy relationship felt right That growth was lovely to watch

Free download È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Lisa Alther

Free download È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Lisa Alther Lisa Alther ↠ 0 Characters Read Other Women Om sidste udvej vælger hun psykoterapi og er heldig i sit valg af terapeuten Hannah For lidt efter lidt efter et par samtaler der forløber anderledes og overrumplende begynder hendes sortsyn at klares Hannah har selv haft et omskifteligt liv med mange sorger men hun har alligevel formået at bearbejde den og vende dem til en styrke der er udadrettet og givende for andreDen mistro og du kan alligevel ikke gøre noget for mig følelse som Caroline udstrålede af. What a nice surprise When I started the book and realized it was about a woman going through therapy I figured I would get 50 pages in and then give it up I ended up really looking forward to the therapy portions of the story Odd because I don t read self help books and I am on the fence about therapists The woman seeking therapy is a lesbian and I usually find that lesbians in books are there for the male readers entertainment Caroline has had several long term relationships fizzle and decides to see a psychologist because she is having thoughts of suicide Hannah has been through some tragedy in her own life and became a therapist after having a great wxperience with her psychologist The back and forth between these women was tense funny and touching I didn t find the therapist as over bearing or causing problems like they do in other books I also didn t find the sex scenes to be gratuitous