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  • A Touch Of Heat HEAT #2
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  • 06 July 2020
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characters å A Touch Of Heat HEAT #2 108 Trust is something they both will have to learn to give but can Lara open up to that degree Or will Lara's past make it impossible for her to solve the crimes before the murderer strikes again Everything hinges on Lara but the she uncovers the harder it is for her to even breatheA sexy sizzling crime thriller sure to add a touch of heat to your nigh. A touch of heat by Nicola ClaireThankyou to Claire for allowing me to read this book on behalf of reading the sheets book blogIn this second instalment of Heat we see Lara Damon and pierce solving other unanswered crimes The thrill of the chase in a case is epic but what happens when it feels like your the one being chased and you can t see your attacker from the mask that he cowers behind How can you save your friend and loved ones from an attack that you can t see coming How do you face the deepest secrets that you wish had been kept under wraps This series has it all and it s not over yet

characters A Touch Of Heat HEAT #2A Touch Of Heat HEAT #2

characters å A Touch Of Heat HEAT #2 108 Ds herself twisted up in a series of chilling crimes that don't seem to connect but keep pulling her inexorably further in Uncovering each clue will reuire delving deeper into her past and facing some shocking truths better left untouched And when her boyfriend HEAT Chief Investigator Damon Michaels gets caught up in it all the dots simply disconnect. ARCI started reading A Touch of HEAT yesterday afternoon and finished this morning I couldn t put it down Lara and Damon are still scorching hot and continue to draw you in The end will have you ready for HEAT Another great read Thanks Nicola

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characters å A Touch Of Heat HEAT #2 108 No one owns life But they can certainly own deathA woman is murdered outside an exclusive gaming club and all the clues point across the street to Sweet Hell Lara Keen Detective at Auckland Criminal Investigations Bureau is called in to consult adding her own uniue take on the crime sceneBut the murder is only the tip of the iceberg and Lara soon fin. A Touch of Heat begins with Detective Lara Keen being all messed up She s losing everything She feels she s losing her boyfriend who she just got back together with and like she s losing her whole world too But it gets worse when she gets a murder case that involves a strange club called Sweet Hell The problem is her boyfriend has actually recently been to that club and could be implicated as the murder suspect But so can a few other people the Detective knows as well When everything in her life seems to be spiraling out of control she s unsure how to move on and what to do next But with her job she knows she just can t give up so she must keep going And with her boyfriend she also knows she can t give him up either She has to be strong if she ever wants to make it out of this mess This book was utterly fantastic Nicola Claire has gritty crime drama down to an art The story kicked off with Keen being majorly not herself but also trying to find a way to make things better with Michael And when things got rough I wasn t at all sure what to think about the book at first but then the direction it took was amazing I loved what happened and I was so happy with the hero and heroine at the end of the story as well This is a very good story about two people who are messed up and admit they aren t perfect but it s not taken to a major extreme It s in perfect context And then the plot line just sucks you in from the beginning and has you begging for in the end Well done Nicola well done This is truly one of my favorite Nicola Claire books and now one of my top ten favorite books EVER