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Download A Christmas Carol ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free A Christmas Carol In Prose Being a Ghost Story of Christmas commonly called A Christmas Carol is a novella via Charles Dickens first posted in London by means of Chapman Hall in 1843 and illustrated with the aid of John Leech A Christmas Carol recounts the story of Ebenezer Scrooge an aged miser who is visited with the aid of the ghost of his former enterprise companion Jacob Marley and the spirits of Christmas Past Present and Yet to Come After their visits Scrooge is transformed right into a kinder gentler guy Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol for the duration of a period whilst the British have been exploring and re evaluating beyond Christmas traditions together with carols and recent customs including Christmas I read this every year at Christmas and I always will do Simply because of the atmosphere it evokes This story is Christmas as far as I m concerned It wouldn t be the same without it It is perfectly festive and is also appropriately didactic It is an allegory for what happens to those that are unnecessarily bitter and twisted refusing to take part in a joyful occasion It is a glimpse at what could happen to someone who rejects their family upon trivial grounds and let s themselves be set apart It is also a suggestion that one shouldn t be so concerned with money Money isn t everything it certainly didn t buy ol Scrooge happiness But Christmas did and will do so again You can connect with me on social media via My Linktree

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Download A Christmas Carol ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Edition offered out through Christmas Eve; by means of the stop of 1844 thirteen variations were released Most critics reviewed the novella favourably The story become illicitly copied in January 1844; Dickens took prison action against the publishers who went bankrupt further reducing Dickens's small earnings from the booklet He went on to jot down four different Christmas testimonies in next years In 1849 he started public readings of the tale which proved so a hit he undertook 127 in addition performances until 1870 the year of his loss of life A Christmas Carol has never been out of print and has been translated into several languages; the story has been adapted oftentimes for film stage opera and other media im usually not a seasonal reader but this year i tried to make an effort to read a couple of holiday themed books and im so glad i saved this for lasti grew up very familiar with the story of a christmas carol via multiple adaptations shoutout to the flintstones version from my childhood but i cant believe i never read the actual book itself dickens is such a well known author so its difficult to not critiue this as i normally would with a book but i think the message of this story is so important and should be the focus of this review i personally know how easy it is to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and materialism and stress that can surround the holiday season we fixate so much on sales and good deals and buying things to make us happy that we can forget a loving word or spending uality time with those we care about are really what should be a priority we should remember that kindness is the best gift we can give so let us follow scrooges eventual example when he says i will honour christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year and allow the christmas spirit be something we not only feel this time of year but always happy holidays and best wishes to all my fellow bookworms 3 4 stars

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Download A Christmas Carol ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Trees He turned into inspired through the reviews of his personal teenagers and via the Christmas memories of different authors consisting of Washington Irving and Douglas Jerrold Dickens had written 3 Christmas testimonies prior to the novella and turned into inspired following a visit to the Field Lane Ragged School considered one of numerous establishments for London's street children The remedy of the poor and the ability of a selfish guy to redeem himself by reworking right into a extra sympathetic man or woman are the important thing themes of the story There is dialogue among academics as to whether this became a fully secular story or if it's miles a Christian allegory Published on 19 December the primary What a fantastic story How terrible it was to be poor in the Victorian Era Dickens was a humanitarian and saw first hand the poverty in the streets of London The starving urchins trying to steal an apple or a handkerchief The void between the rich and the poor This story like Oliver Twist in my opinion is a masterpieceThe musicals are just brilliant Christmas is coming we know its nearEvenings are darker the cold weather is hereWill there be snow The sky is whiteOr have they been Chem Trailing All through the nightCorporations love it Consume buy consume buyTemptation pretty colours prices way too highWe know we can t afford it so credit cards we useWhen ones child is surrounded by all these things how could one refuseMore and credit people just don t seeIt s all a lure to take your hard earned moneyThe bank is in the red cards no credit leftSpending money we have not got it is all akin to theftWhen the party is over it is a New YearReality hits home and many are filled with fearAll the booze has gone the cakes and turkey tooEverything purchased has been used or consumedNot a pot to piss in just a huge vacuumHung over depressed lots of work to do back to the mundaneWas it ever worth it We all must be insaneNot the CEO s though happy they areTheir bank accounts are bursting and probably have a new expensive carThe rest of us sadly continue as beforeA working persons life is really a choreUp early commute and work all bloody dayObey a boss yes sir no sir everything is OKRepeat it day in day out for a pittance of payRepetition repetition its like Ground Hog DayWe pay our taxes National Insurance too WhyYet when we need benefits or an operation no matter how we tryWe never tick their boxes computer says noOne is talking to a human but they never showAny compassion empathy or emotion no semblance of careThey are only doing their job and the box has no tick in thereOne does not tick the box one has no chanceNo matter whatsoever one s circumstanceComputer says no the Beast see s no profit even though one s contributions were paid inThat s the Corporations corpses bleeding us dry we are drowningNHS has no money it is failing fast what a damn cheekNo money in the NHS yet footballers earn 250000 a weekA crazy world we live in it s all inverted and upside downCould have had a crazy woman as US president but ended up with a ClownAll these Elites are crazy and not there for usWhen the shit hits the fan we will be under the busThese people are all part of a secret cliueAnd we are not invited as we are weakWe work through the Week DaysLike in a field a sheep that never straysAnd come the Weekend we are weakened and need a restSunday is the sabbath relax cos Mon one is needed to be at their bestFor one has to pay their taxes their debts tooIt s a never ending cycle insane loopy looPerpetual debt slavery stocks and bonds assets frozen and BankstersLiuidation cash flow currency CEO s are WankersMost of one s earnings taken and sucked in by the BeastWe will eat budget foods while CEO s feastMoney is our bondage this paper we crave we are simply debt SlavesMaritime Law Piracy Of The High Seas and Britannia Rules The Waves By LeoRemember this one growing up NostalgiaChristmas is coming the goose is getting fatPlease put a penny in the old mans hatIf you have not a penny a halfpenny will doIf have you not a halfpenny then God bless youA pleasant nursery rhyme OrChristmas is coming the rich are getting fatDevoured everything and that is thatTaken all the money everything else tooAnd absolutely nothing left for me and you 0Let s enjoy our festivities and forget about the rich and their ilkLet them wear their designer clothes and enjoy their sheets of silkLet indulge on the meat puddings port whiskey and wineChoke on the gristle whilst they dineLet them smoke their cigars eat all the candy and nutsFill their veins with cholesterol and burst their gutsFatten their bellies and pickle their liverJust that thought gets me all of a uiverSo here is a greeting with joy and cheerAs we welcome in another New Year Merry Christmas to everybody on Goodreads happy holidays Happy New Year So Christmas is over for another yearIt has been a good 2017 on Goodreads all cheerMany new authors and books galoreFor all tastes and ages all what readers adoreLet s start 2018 with a new story leave 2017 behindLet s not forget the books we read though we have expanded the mind Are the authorities any better now Back then people knew their place Now not so much I have had experiences with these authorities Here is a little rantHow does one deal with a neighbour from hellEmail the council wait for them to give one a bellAnd wait and wait and wait some But the call does not come so try once Has to be email for recorded message and number to pressThe option one reuires is not available what a complete messThis system automated no reason or rhymeJust go around in circles all the bloody timeNothing ever gets done this system this beastNo empathy no concern not in the leastAll one gets is nonsense eventually when they callWe are all just a number this system is so cruelA case spanning ten years and still no hopeThe authorities do nothing and I just cannot copeThe neighbour s behavior escalates yet nobody will interveneSince the day he moved in it is all it has ever beenHoarding rubbish rats mice and fliesCalling the Police on us and telling them liesHis deviant behavior his antics disgusting to seeLeaning up against my front door and having a peeAll over the cat flap sodden and wetContaminating Archimedes my beautiful petMy neighbour is vindictive cunning never sleepsStands naked in his window and gives my girl the creepsThis man this creep who has ruined our lives such painI have had numerous breakdowns he is making me insaneYet still nothing nothing is done we are stunnedHe goes about his life yet we are shunnedWhat is this system We mean nothing only heAnd we have ploughed everything we have into our propertyBought it from the council fifteen years agoSince that time neighbours to and froWe have had drunkards criminals drug addicts and now thisWe feel the council took our money now they are taking the pissAnother neighbour complained saw him warts and allAs she was walking with her child towards the schoolOne hundred yards from our front doorAnd he plays up downstairs Porn HardcoreWe hear it freuently and the authorities were toldDating back years yet we are left out in the coldFinally this man has been arrested the neighbour called the law such luckYet we have been telling them this for years OMG WTFSo they took him away and it put us at ease he has gone the creepMaybe tonight we will finally get some good earned sleepHowever to our dismay the Police brought him back he is downstairs nowI have this horrible feeling something is not right somehowThis man clearly needs supervision yet here he isMy brain is all scatty I am all in a tizI don t uite get what the hell is going onHow we have to put up with this phenomenonHe called the Police on us for apparently bullying him for our concerns for his welfareAnd at midnight that same day we had uite a scareTwo police officers banging on our door in the late nightNo concern for our welfare gave us uite a frightEnter our property cos he feels victimized OMGWe have had this for a decade yet get woken by PC PlodSo this is one of many issues causing my soul to breakMy girl has enough to deal with for goodness sakeHaving to deal with this being flashed as she leaves for work in the morning it is wrongStepping over rubbish bags and him leering his stench his pongHe does not wash or clean or tidy or careAbout his appearance or when people stareHe seems to like it an audience the Police knowYet they still have not spoken to us no showI really am at the end of my tether this is too much to takeI am sitting here in my lounge on edge wide awakeThis is when my brain cells are on fire I supposeWhen I am empty and forlorn I pen my proseThe words they flow like a river racingLike a cheetah on the hunt pacingMy head feels like it is going to blowSo I suppress it this feeling of sorrowIt is a crazy world in which we liveNobody ever ever seems to giveAn ounce of compassion no feeling no heartA system that is totally falling apartIt is time we woke up and realised thusThat the authorities are simply not there for usNobody cares about you or about meOnly what the celebrities are doing on TVWhich team won the weekend Who scored Which player OMGI am still smarting about PC PlodAll is uiet at present hope it stays that way stillMy girl gets up at six and walking by his front door makes her feel illMy girl will sleep alone tonight my insomnia is back I am wired it will seemSo I will sit here silent hoping for a snooze and welcome a dream By LeoI wonder what Dickens would make of the Rich uarter in London today The mind boggles