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  • Paperback
  • 250
  • The Fourth Fog
  • Chris Daniels
  • English
  • 19 June 2018
  • 9780984215515
The Fourth Fog

The Fourth Fog characters Þ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Chris Daniels à 7 Free download A book uite unlike any other in the genre The Fourth Fog is than recommended for those seeking something uniue HellnotesA rather tense and at times unnerving novel An original horror tale SFReaderA disturbing horror story that offers a lot than a uick read The DeepeningLCR Books presents a psycho allegorical horror novel for the ages starring God Terror Dea I ve been thinking long and hard about how to review this book I m still not entirely certain what I m going to sayBen and his new wife move to C which is clearly NYC just not uite in our world The terrorist group The Remove had recently hit the city and Ben is caught up in the paranoia not helped by his dependence on a Drug called HalOn top of this there is something living in Ben and Tula s ceiling and when Ben sees it he shoots it and plasters over the hole This leads to some kind of demon fly invasion of the building Hard metallic bodied flies who can communicate in their desire to consume flesh Freaky In a word Freaky sums up this book They eat her view spoilerlips hide spoiler

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The Fourth Fog characters Þ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Chris Daniels à 7 Free download Th and you guessed it KILLER FLIES Newlyweds Ben and Tula move to C to manage their careers and the makings of a family But their new home is still reeling from recent terror attacks by a group called The Remove due to strike again at any moment Ben gets caught up in living with such a constant threat and can't help but notice small but seemingly meaningful Following a Goodreads giveaway for this book which I didn t actually win I was contacted by the author of The Fourth Fog and was asked if I would still be interested in reading his book because a few copies remained in his possession for review purposes Enthusiastically I responded that I was grateful for the opportunity and began reading it as soon as it arrived through the mail As with several of the other individuals who reviewed this book I almost didn t know where to begin in offering an opinion However after taking a few days to kind of process some of the details in my mind I felt a bit confident in offering some commentary The Fourth Fog essentially drops us into the lives of Ben and his wife Tula who recently moved to a location only known and referred to as C Nonetheless as details emerge regarding this area of residence many eerie parallels to New York City post 911 seem to surface in addition to highlighting what seems to be reminiscent of our society s collective post 911 paranoiaanxiety From what is conveyed Ben works as an editor for a company that promotes him to reviewing books revolving around the topics of grief death and loss which in addition to his self medication and his compounding gross perceptions of himself and society begins to further dissociate him from reality Thus in a nutshell we essentially journey into the darker recesses of Ben s mind as we read and follow him down the proverbial downward spiral where we begin to uestion like Ben what exactly is and isn t real where does the mind end and reality begin Without spoiling the book for other potential readers I won t elaborate on the plot of the story much than that But obviously a review on this book wouldn t be complete if I didn t mention the carnivorous flies that appear throughout the book and makes one have to uestion What the hell is going on and why are these flies so pissed off Again however it becomes increasingly difficult to figure out where the flies end and where Ben begins particularly given the potential symbolism of the flies on many different levelsAll in all I really enjoyed reading this book and it certainly drew me in because I was curious to find out where the plot was actually headed The only downfall is that I feel like I should have been reading this with several other people perhaps in a book club or educational type setting so I could better appreciate what the author was truly attempting to convey in his writing Nonetheless coming up with my own theories has been especially enjoyable as well

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The Fourth Fog characters Þ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Chris Daniels à 7 Free download Signs of mass hysteria all around him As Tula sinks deeper into her work at a nearby nursing home Ben withdraws into paranoia and becomes dependent on a mysterious drug known only as Hal Meanwhile the chaos of the outside world is seeping into their home their haven and it is not long before Ben and Tula must face an evil far darker than the terrors of man I recieved this book from the Goodreads giveaway and when I got it in the mail the first thought I had was that this was the most boring cover I ve ever seen if I was in a store I would have never had picked it up When I finished the book the first thought I had was that the cover was not reflective of the book it most definatly was not a boring book I wavered between giving this a 3 and a 4 star rating if I could do half stars I would do 35 I think I m not sure that I can say I liked the book but I can say that everytime I picked it up to read it I was immediatly sucked into it and didn t want to stop reading it It is definatly not for everyone but for those with the taste in books that this genre fulfills I think they would thoroughly enjoy it This book is completly random seeming at times has some awesomely disgusting creepy and disturbing moments and I am very glad that I won it and was able to read it and explore a genre that I normally don t read