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We Fought at Arnhem Free read å 6 Operation Market Garden a plan to capture the bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem and outflank the German frontIn all twelve thousand airborne troops were to land either by parachute or glider at three drop zones and move to. A very detailed description of one of the most infamous campaigns in British history The in depth accounts by the three soldiers allows the reader to garner a better idea of what conditions were like at Arnhem and also helps the reader emphasize with the soldiers Even though most people will have some idea of the events of operation Market Garden the account fleshed out what happened from the troops perspective I did enjoy the book but did find it slightly difficult to get through at times due to the listings of battalions and regiments which confused the points slightly For me personally it was an enlightening read as my grandfather fought at Arnhem however this did make me slightly disappointed as his unit 6th airborne was barely mentioned even though they were in Arnhem two weeks before anyone else If you are interested in modern history this book if for you

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We Fought at Arnhem Free read å 6 Wards their objective As the world now knows the mission was to be 'a bridge too far' for the British forcesMike Rossiter has interviewed three of the survivors of those fateful days each involved in a different flank of. This book was great its the standard story of operation market garden but it also follows 3 individuals so puts a very personal view on the whole battle I can t recommend this highly enough I really enjoyed it If you enjoyed the bridge too far then this is a must as it will bring it right home the trials tribulations and hardships that were suffered

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We Fought at Arnhem Free read å 6 The British attack and in vivid detail reconstructs the events that lead up to this most famous of glorious defeats It is at once a story of hubris and bad planning but also of valiant sacrifice and inspirational courag. Excellent bookHeroesNever forgotten

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