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  • 04 October 2019
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Carolyn Faulkner ☆ 8 Read & Download

Read & Download Under the Lash Under the Lash Read & Download ☆ 108 Carolyn Faulkner ☆ 8 Read & Download Nts by ringing the church bell Strong arms grab her tossing her over a shoulder as the Pirate captain hauls her back to his ship and his cabin where she will learn intimately what it means to be disciplined and thoroughly loved by a manAnjel had assumed the little chit dressed in faded garments to be nothing than a common trollo Shiver me timberthis is about Anjel the pirate who rules his ship by the lash and Cassie who will learn obedience in the capt n bedchamberthe lass gets spanked and a whipping in front of the swabbiesArrrplenty of sexy timesFare thee well maity

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Under the Lash

Read & Download Under the Lash Under the Lash Read & Download ☆ 108 Carolyn Faulkner ☆ 8 Read & Download P He is unnerved to discover that she had been a virgin Still she is his to do with as he pleases and it pleases him greatly to punish her while bringing her to new heights of desire Only when she is gravely injured does he realize just how much she has come to mean to him but by then it could be too late will she ever forgive h 4Why can t Faulkner ever have a woman be realistic The speed with which her female characters forgive rapists is appalling

Read & Download Under the Lash

Read & Download Under the Lash Under the Lash Read & Download ☆ 108 Carolyn Faulkner ☆ 8 Read & Download Brand new from Carolyn FaulknerVisit YouTube to watch trailer Embarrassed by what she'd seen transpire between her mother and stepfather Cassandra recklessly dashes out into the night When she spies a pirate ship at anchor and a swarm of pirates scurrying on the beach like rats in the dark she hastens to warn the island's reside This was an immensely satisfying if uickie little book It took me a while to figure out what was going on with the writing style since I ve read other books by Ms Faulkner that were uite different This is a historical romance with light BDSM a spanking romance basically We are never bluntly told the time period but clues are given based on clothes setting vocabulary and writing style In order to subtly hammer in the fact that the story takes place in the past Ms Faulkner uses an old fashioned writing style where the narrator uses lots of explanation less dialogue than we expect in modern books and the narrator seems to be talking to the reader at times rather than simply related Fortunately it isn t too flowery Another tactic is vocabulary that is old such as nates and uim I was going to peg it as 1700s until I got to a part when one of the pirate s uses the term bobby for a British policeman That term came into usage after Sir Robert Peel or Bobby created the Metropolitan Police in 1829 So could be 1850s It isn t clearIn any event I found this story of a young woman kidnapped by a pirate and subjected to his sexual whims uite captivating sorry couldn t resist I particularly liked how the Hero tried to redeem himself in the end All in all Ms Faulkner did a wonderful job of taking me to a simpler time to enjoy a little pirate romance 5 stars and highly recommend