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The Real Wizard of Oz The Life and Times of L Frank Baum Free read ô 105 Baum was not around to see it he'd died in bed in 1919 just weeks after completing his final Oz book But the book and film alike have become classics just as well loved today as they were when they first appeared The Real Wizard of Oz is an imaginatively written work that stretches the genre of biography and enriches our understanding of modern fairytales L Frank Baum author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and its thirteen seuels lived during eventful times in American history from 1856 to 1919 that influenced nearly every aspect of his writing from the Civil War to Hollywood which was emerging as a modern Emerald City full of broken dreams and humbug wizards to the gulf between America's prairie heartland with its wild tornadoes and its cities teeming with Tin Man factory workers This is a colorful portrait of one man's vivid and eccentric imagination and the world that shaped it Baum's famous fairytale is filled with the pain of the economic uncertainties of the Gilded Age and with a yearning for real change ideas which many contemporary Americans will recognize The Wizard of Oz continues to fascinate and influence us because it explores universal themes of longing for a better world homesickness and finding inner strength amid the stor. Having read some of the Oz books as a child and of course having seen the movie I never knew anything about the creator of the series until I read this book It talks about his poor rural childhood and his family and how then current diseases killed so many people mostly children and infants and how it affected his mentality how the US Civil War indirectly did the same how the technological revolutions and financial and social changes of his adulthood affected his views of the world why he moved from Syracuse New York to the Great Plains and then to Chicago and the different careers he tried gave him the ideas he placed into his various Oz booksThe author clearly had limited resources to work with and rather annoyingly used a lot of conjecture such as how Baum might have gone to certain places or done certain things Not comprehensive and could have used some editing but good as an introduction to this famous but mysterious author

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The Real Wizard of Oz The Life and Times of L Frank Baum Free read ô 105 In the first major literary biography of L Frank Baum Rebecca Loncraine tells the story of Oz as you've never heard it with a look behind the curtain at the vivid life and eccentric imagination of its creator L Frank Baum wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in 1899 and it was first published in 1900 A runaway hit it was soon recognized as America's first modern fairy tale Baum's life story like the fictional world he created is uniuely American rooted in the transforming historical changes of his times Baum was a complex and eccentric man who could never stay put for long; his restless creative spirit and voracious appetite for new projects led him across the US during his lifetime and he drew energy and inspiration from each new dramatic landscape he encountered Born in 1856 Baum spent his youth in the Finger Lakes region of New York as amputee soldiers returned from the Civil War; childhood mortality was also commonplace blurring the lines between the living and the dead and making room in Baum's young imagination for vividly real ghosts When Baum was growing up P T Barnum ruled the minds of small towns and his traveling circus was the most famous act around Baum married a headstrong young woman named Maud Gage and they ventured out west. I am really struggling to get through this one Lately I have had a rash of bad biographies I loath biographers who either conjecture too much insert themselves into the bio or try to create meaning and connection where it may or may not have existed Frank Baum s house at age 12 was next to a road paved with wood planksit was poplarpoplar is yellowish when fresh cutit must be the yellow brick road except the road had already been there for decaded before Baum and probably would have been pretty dirty by the time he was there but you have to read through the lenthy history of the road in front of Baum s house tangent ok I think I am offically abandoning this book It has failed to keep me engage on a subject I am genuinely interested in Abandoned on page 91 after reading a paragraph abouta another detailed description of the stock in Baum s Bazzaar storeb Frank Baum s mustachec the reaction of the fish at the bottom of Lake Huron to shipwrecksd detailed description of midwestern winter weathere detailed description to prove what a natty dresser that Baum wasf a few topics g all of the abovein one paragraph A paragraph that pretty well illustrates what the previous 91 pages were like I have not the energy at this time to hold all those tangental threads in my mind waiting for them to be woven back in later Nor do I care to speculate at the state of shock experienced by Lake Huron fish if they did happen to see crates of Baum s shipwrecked stock sink to a watery grave

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The Real Wizard of Oz The Life and Times of L Frank Baum Free read ô 105 To Dakota Territory where they faced violent tornadoes Ghost Dancing tribes and desperate droughts before trading the hardships on the Great Plains for the excitement of Chicago and the fantastical White City of the World's Fair Baum's writing tapped into an inner world that blurred his own sense of reality and fantasy The Land of Oz which Baum believed he had discovered rather than invented grew into something far bigger and popular than he'd ever imagined After the roaring success of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in 1900 he became a kind of slave to his creation trapped inside Oz as his army of demanding child fans kept sending him back there to create new adventures for Dorothy Toto and the humbug wizard He went on to write thirteen seuels to his first Oz book He also wrote the first Broadway adaptations of his Oz tales and turned his Oz books into some of the first motion pictures in a small and undiscovered rural settlement called Hollywood Baum co founded the Oz Film Manufacturing Company even as critics warned that no one would pay to see a children's story And they were right his early ventures were box office flops and the world was not ready for Oz on screen until 1939 when MGM released The Wizard of Oz in brilliant Technicolor. Maybe the poorest written biography I have ever read I lost track of how many times the author used phrases like who knows or he must have or we don t know or perhaps in order to speculate what could have happened when she otherwise had no evidence to support an assertion she wanted to make in order to create Frank Baum into who she wished him to be Ironically the author consistently made fiction out of what should have been a non fiction bookWhile the many speculations might have been intended to give the reader a glimpse at what life may have been like surrounding Baum in the late 19th and early 20th centuries the author instead drew countless inferences of her own instead of allowing the reader to draw his her own conclusions about the mindset of Baum and why he decided to write and how he may have been inspired to use his imagination to create the characters he penned to lifeIf you re looking to learn about turn of the century culture this book will lend some insight But if you want to learn about the creator of The Wizard of Oz this book has much of the same information you can uickly and easily find on Wikipedia

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