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Read & Download × One Scream Away Sheridan Series #1 106 Kate Brady ✓ 6 Free read Summary One Scream Away Sheridan Series #1 Killer Chevy Bankes is a master of disguise and just paroled he's coming after the woman who sent him to jail the beautiful antiues expert Beth Denison A set of antiue dolls brings Beth into his sight and inspire Chevy's disturbing crimes as he draws closer to Beth and her young daughter Chevy sends the dolls t. I LOVED this book There was never a dull moment The heroine went through a lot in this book and totally held it together The hero was so caring and protective but he had his problems too They worked them out fine by the end of the book for a totally HEA The romance part of the book was well done but the heat was low Those of you who know me know that I love my book s with lots of heat Despite the fact of the very mild heat in this book I loved it anyway s The villain in this book was smart scary gave me chills and was a total nut case He was one of the most evil villains I have read to date The story was so well done with twists and turns that kept me turning the pages I know I will be reading the next book in this series Last To Die in the very near future

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Read & Download × One Scream Away Sheridan Series #1 106 Kate Brady ✓ 6 Free read Summary One Scream Away Sheridan Series #1 S eerily similar to a murderer Neil encountered in the past The investigation leads Neil to Beth's doorstep and he is certain she isn't telling him the truth Neil is the only one who can get through Beth's defenses and as they grow closer discover the secrets that Beth is hiding about her fateful night with Che. Years ago Elizabeth Denison came in contact with her worst nightmare She became the victim and obsession of serial killer Chevy Bankes She survivedif you can call always being on alert and scared a better alternative Bankes was caught and sentenced to prison He is now out and ready to pick up where he left offFormer FBI special agent Neil Sheridan has been asked by his best friend Rick who is a cop to help him on a murder case At first Neil has no interest That all changes when Neil learns that the murder victim s face was cut up to look like a doll in addition to being raped and shot to death The case brings back bad memories for Neil When he was still active he had caught and killed a serial killer He believed that the killer was dead but now it seems he might have killed the wrong man Elizabeth Denison receives a phone call one day The caller is none other then Bankes He tells her that he is out and he hopes to hear her scream once for him Beth fears for her and her daughter s lives but she keeps her mouth shut about the phone call The police discover that the murder victim s cell phone was used The last call made on it was to a Beth Denison Beth plans to take out Bankes herself but will her silence be deadlyOne Scream Away is what I call a good time I just about read this book in one sitting Both my eyes and hands were glued to the book The sparks that Beth and Neil shared were really good I liked that that the story line didn t veer too far from the murderer and the characters and head into a romance between Neil and Beth While I do enjoy romantic suspenses I like when they are evenly balanced I scream for Kate Brady

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Read & Download × One Scream Away Sheridan Series #1 106 Kate Brady ✓ 6 Free read Summary One Scream Away Sheridan Series #1 O Beth one by one and she soon realizes that these antiues carry the same marks as his victims signaling that the final piece in his collection will be for herNeil Sheridan gave up his FBI shield five years ago but his best friend Rick a cop pulls him in as a consultant on a case involving a serial killer who i. WOWIt took me long to read this book because the villain was really creepy I read a few chapters a had to stop because I was holding my breth and chewing my nails so suspenseful it was Since the very beginning we know who the villain is but still nobody can catch him He s incredibly intelligent and full of clever ideas to evade the law If was fascinating in a creepy way The romantic aspect of the story was so and so but I realy didn t care about that so good the mistery suspense part was So if you want a really good suspense book with a trace of romance where romance is almost insta love thi sone is perfect

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